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My Interview on Crrow777 Radio - From Disease to Archetypes [Hour One]

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A replay of the first hour of episode #446 on Crrow777 Radio where they interviewed me about how I went from a dying person to being a living person by discovering what in myself was draining my life energy after a three-year battle with cancer. We discussed the fine points of healing, archetypes as a path to discover the unconscious, and why there is a need to embark on the Hero's Journey to not only heal ourselves, but to return with the elixir to help and serve others with the gifts and skill…

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Max Igan: Losing Everything Can Be the Greatest Gift [King Hero Interview]

Join a King Hero interview with legend in truth media, Max Igan, the host of The Crowhouse, live July 29th at 1:00 PM CDT.

In this interview we’re going to cover a variety of subjects he’s dove deep into including the falsification of history and our timelines, his take on the controversial germ theory and Flat Earth, why he became exiled from his home in Australia (and how he’s coped), what he sees is the greatest hope for humanity now in these times he predicted accurately would come, and why …

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Tasha Fishman: Taking Back Our Freedoms [King Hero Interview]

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Join us live on Thursday, June 9th at 12 PM CDT for an interview of Tasha Fishman, the host of Taking Back Our Freedoms podcast and the Board Director TBOF,, an intrepid mamma bear who is not going to sit back and allow crimes against children and humanity.

For the past two years, including 5 weeks in Ottawa collaborating during the Canadian truckers convoy, she has been extremely vocal and public with her views on the abuse of our overreaching government and the attack on our civil…

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Shadoe Davis - There are More of Us Than You Think - [King Hero Interview]

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Join independent Winnipeg radio host, Shadoe Davis, and myself for a King Hero's Journey to talk about what inspired him to break away from the mainstream and join what our prime minister, JT, has called the "small fringe minority". We will geek out on what it's like to be part of the media, the responsibility it carries and how to recognize controlled op and deal with divisive factions in the truth movement.

Going live Wednesday at 3:00 PM CDT!

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The Feminine, the Millstone, and Liability With Jackoline Milne

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Join Jackoline and myself at 2 PM CST for this live stream inspired by her tenaciously held spirit of the truth. On her journey she's become knowledgeable on many subjects including the law and the Bible.

Many have criticized the Bible for it's failing to represent the feminine. We will discuss what Jackie knows to the contrary from 9 verses in the Bible that mention the word "millstone" and what Jesus said using this word.

We will also talk about what her life has taught her about expressing …

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To Conflict or Not Conflict - A Personal Rant and Reflection


Join me for an open discussion on how to navigate in a time of unprecedented divide with honour and integrity.


Find the other 100+ King Hero's Journey interviews and personal rants here:

Join the King Hero Central Telegram group for King Heroes taking the risk of speaking authentically for truth and freedom, for those of us that are inspired and comforted by the work of King Heroes, and to express the voice freedom.…

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The Nature of Sacrifice with Special Guest Benjamin Balderson


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This Rant Made Me Feel Better

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You Can't Always Get What You Want

I was sad not to interview one of my kid's local faves, but did this rant instead. It made me feel better, I hope it has the same effect on you.


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Reclaiming the Hero Series - Episode 1 With Aaron Beattie

What does it mean to be a Hero in the day when people that wear a mask are considered to be heroic? In this first episode of Reclaiming the Hero, learn from intrepid journeyer, Aaron Beatie what a Hero really is.

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