An 8-week archetype coaching program for strong men to get stronger by finding, being valued for and surviving their purpose. On this journey they will learn to tap internal strength, navigate or avoid a crash, and be a part of creating a difference in the world to their potential without having to go at any pace but their own.

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How King Heroes Become an Even More Powerful Force For Humanity, While Creating Meaning, Purpose and Emotional Mastery Using a Simple Archetype Map

And How Not Doing This Nearly Cost Me My Life

June 2019-134.jpg“Hey I didn’t die!” (AWKWARD)

My oncologist nodded his head and began to walk away. Just months earlier he told me I wouldn't survive.

There I was in the very same treatment rooms at the Health Sciences Centre where I’d sat for nearly 300 hours in 3 years, receiving chemo.

But this time I wasn’t taking chemo, I was singing and playing guitar for an ‘Artists in Healthcare’ program I’d been hired for.

It looked like he didn’t recognize me, so I went running after him and said, “Hey Dr. R., it’s me, Beth Martens!”

He looked at me vacantly.

I was stunned.

He wasn’t happy to see me. And he didn’t seem the least bit interested how I survived against the odds and without following his advice.

He didn’t ask me a single question. Not ‘how are you?’, never mind, ‘How on earth did you survive?’

I quickly realized there was no point in telling him how I discovered archetypes and the secret of living from my true instincts, from love instead of fear.

Instead I went back to singing and doing my job to help those hooked up to their IV’s have a less shit day.

He ended his life a few years later, and I can’t even begin to imagine how painful his work must have been.


Just six months earlier I heard the words I didn’t want to hear, but that saved my soul.

“Your cancer is back.” I knew it long before tests showed it.

“According to the stats you’re not going to survive this. Your only chance to live is a stem cell transplant…”

The stats also said that half those who received a stem cell transplant die. And it took a year to even begin recovering. (I watched my son’s uncle die this way many years later).

Some would say it was a no-brainer to go with half a chance to live.

But under what condition??? A ‘NO’ bomb went off in my head.

With this bleak news I was called to dig deeper in myself than I’d thought I could dig. It was the first time in my life that I tapped into my true instincts.

I went into an around-the-clock inward journey to make the decision about whether I should accept their “treatment” or face my death.


Working with archetypes saved my life.

I had been doing everything possible, you name it, natural, conventional, psychological, scientific, alternative…I went for it. But I was still losing my life.

It wasn't until I began to work with archetypes that I could see what was draining the life from me. And I decided with a very strong resolve to stop it.


I instantly made my decision.

It was crystal clear to me what to do, because I saw my instincts for what they really were. A deep love for life, for my unique mission on earth, and for myself. 

No matter what the outcome, if I lived or died, I faced my mortality and fears head on. And I began to recover, that very moment.

My oncologist and my family thought I was stupid for refusing a stem cell transplant. I would get calls at 4 AM telling me they were terrified, that I was committing suicide.

But instincts don't speak in fear.


Are you a King Hero?

It's a word I created because there wasn't one, to describe the amazing people in my community.

If King Heroes had the support they needed to follow their purpose with conviction, they would be able to sustain the responsibility while being a force for keeping family, community and truth in tact.


The King Hero’s Journey: Archetype Coaching Program to Find, Value and Survive Your Purpose

June 2019-175kinghero-journey-defined-image.png

This is perfect for you if you are…

  • Seeking to begin again with greater purpose, meaning and service.
  • Already deep into your purpose, but need support to avoid or get through a crash.
  • Looking for a system to find the value of your life's work.
  • Wanting to do greater things in the world by getting past the emotional obstacles it might be difficult to face alone.
  • Not able to just sit back and not do anything to fix the ills of the world.

Results you will experience…

  • Increased energy, enthusiasm, vitality, and inspiration to create in the way you are meant.
  • Healing from patterns and chronically suffered problems in health, relationships, finances and business.
  • Making sense out of the challenges you’ve suffered and overcome.
  • Clarity of purpose and direction on how to best serve your family, community and humanity at this stage of your Journey.
  • Get a clear map of what’s past and what’s to come.
  • More authentic relationships because of greater self-awareness and emotional mastery.
  • Breakthrough’s in business, money and entrepreneurialism.

Finding Lost Energy

By pinpointing shadows — blindspots where you’re unable to see your motives, actions and results -- you can see clearly the exact source of an energy loss.

When I became aware of my Rebel-without-a-cause and made necessary adjustments, I went from being a dying person to being a living one practically overnight. It relatively easy to make the necessary adjustments, but it took me three years to find where I needed adjusting.

Once you identify an archetype at play in your negative patterns, tensions, or struggles, you are a million miles ahead on the path of fixing what’s “broken.”

But nothing is really broken, it’s merely hidden.

What are Archetypes?

Archetype patterns provide inner threads to track and uncover hidden self-knowledge. It means that rather than having to face the inner world as a wall of formidable and overwhelming thoughts, feelings, and senses, it can be practically and meaningfully sorted it out.

Archetypes are a blueprint or map of the inner human experience. They are a fixed plan or container — for inspiration, thoughts, feelings, sensations, actions, and life itself to flow through. In the same way that DNA hold physical potential, the archetypes hold emotional and spiritual potential.

The purpose of pinpointing and working with them is to simplify the inward journey to become self-aware, to be the master of the experience, and to stop feeling at the mercy of these patterns. It becomes a fast road to heal, have what is wanted and needed, and to create what is in each one to be created.

Creating from purpose, rather than just consuming what’s being fed, is what humanity needs, now more than ever.

The 8 King Hero Archetypes - A Map of Lost Purpose


Nature Child

Accepting the call (or next level), facing the fears or sense of being lost, and resolving to get out of denial and into action.


Taking up the cause and learning to fight for your right things and facing the weaknesses of boredom, resistance to doing the inner work, and coming to terms with leadership.


Learning to manage the inner demons and dragons, how to have discipline and conserve energy for the righteous battles, and building the necessary structures to become a champion for the freedom of self and others.


Creating the necessary boundaries to help and support others from a healthy place that doesn’t cost you your quality of happiness, health and relationships.


Becoming intimate with the soul’s desires, deepening into what is needed to be done to manifest your unique truth in the world, and letting go of the need for perfectionism, obsession and compulsivity in order to create in your image.


How to fill your life with healthy pleasure, understanding intimate relationships, gain the ability to withstand or remedy addiction, establish your own divine connection, and find the pleasure of purpose.


Learning to take on greater freedom, responsibility, and leadership on behalf of others and overcoming the hunger for power in the name of serving, leading movements and building to-your-scale empires for the greater good.


Deep healing from past trauma, pulling together the pieces of self into an integrated whole, having clarity about your gifts, doing little and producing a lot by cracking the code of working with energy, getting established in your values of social justice, and turning your sage wisdom into an instrument of ultimately returning humanity back to a natural state.


The Hero's Journey

The above archetypes follow the natural order of the Hero's Journey as originally mapped out by Joseph Campbell.

Following them in order will take you through the gifts and challenges of each phase so you can slay the demons that stop you from following your calling and bringing your elixirs back to your people.

In the process you will discover lost meaning, purpose, connection, and your sense of personal power.

How it Works

Every week you will get a new module on each of the archetypes including 4 audios, a PDF workbook and archetype card.

In the audios you will learn the gifts and shadows of the featured archetype, how to manifest through it, how to navigate business and branding challenges and how to release the unwanted thoughts, feelings and beliefs around it.

By answering the key questions in the workbook you will be lead to uncover and let go of unwanted shadows, and then create actionable steps for having breakthroughs in business, health, relationships and leadership. 

What’s included?
20 + hours of audios on:

  • The strengths and pitfalls of each of the 8 King Hero Archetypes.
  • How to transform your life and inner experience through the archetype in a process called ‘Alchemizing’.
  • The business challenges and branding focus of each archetype.
  • Emotional release on each archetype.

    Archetype Cards and workbook PDF’s for each of the 8 King Hero Archetypes

    Additional Bonuses

    • A reading of your top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes + Audio Workshop.
    • Modules of ‘The Primal Voices’ to get past basic fears reflected in the 4 universal archetypes
    • Business resources
      • Natural Niche Worksheets
      • Signature System - Handout
      • Jumpstart Package Template
      • 'Art of Sales' Script
      • Signature Story Template
    • Audios for guided releasing of the core programs that stop you from understanding the meaning of your life, living in a healthy way through and nourishing relationships that are in alignment with your purpose.

 Bonus Materials Included

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BONUS Sacred Money Archetype assessment and 90 minute Sacred Money Audio Workshop (Value $197)

Make money sacred with a reading of your specific Sacred Money Archetypes and a group discussion to get past any blocks you might have with money before you embark on the King Hero's Journey, so you have a clear and open attitude towards making sacred money.

business tools banner KHJ sales page.png

5 Business Tools For Serving, Attracting and Speaking to High End Clients 

Downloads you can use over and over Including:

1. Your Ideal Niche Worksheets - Create or refine the audience of your work so you can speak right to them when you market your service.  

2. Signature System Worksheets - Design step-by-step systems from your passions, talents, experience and trainings that get specific and tangible results for your ideal client. 

3. Jumpstart Package Template - Create a high-end service package with clear outcomes.

4. Sales 'Discovery' Script - Turns sales calls into intimate and transforming conversations about what your potential client really cares about.

5. Signature Story Template - A fill-in-the-blank template for creating your signature talk, your personal mythology that leads to people wanting to work with you.

  • Beth Martens - House of Free Will

    “I really enjoyed learning about each of the archetypes, both the shadows and the strengths.

    The most exciting thing: It was indeed a journey, and even though Beth provides a map for guidance, you have to undertake the journey yourself for it to be meaningful. Each of the archetypes was like a blueprint, so you can see both the strengths and weaknesses at the same time. I found the “words that express your value” particularly useful.

    I am much more ready to create my own future than I was before I started the course. The more work I did on the Journey, especially the shadow work, the more my mind started to open up and the stronger I felt mentally. I was able to see problems and shadows for what they were and know how to tackle them. I now feel I am having more independent, creative and constructive thoughts and ideas than I can employ in my life and business, rather than merely responding to events or raging at the machine.

    I would strongly recommend Beth’s package and the King Hero’s journey. Suspend your scepticism and realize that the key to unlocking your full potential actually lies within you – you just have to start the journey and your life will be so much better for it. Beth will teach you what you need to stay calm and focused as you move ahead. It takes energy and effort. But its worth it.”

    Communications Expert

3 Ways to Do the King Hero’s Journey

  1. Online Only - All of the online materials to guide you through the work in a systematic way through the audios, the workbooks and archetypes cards + all bonuses.
    $497 USD
  2. Online Plus 90 Minutes of Coaching - All of the online materials to guide you through the work in a systematic way through the audios, the workbooks and archetypes cards + all bonuses + 90 minutes of personal coaching (before, during or after the 8 week online King Hero’s Journey) based on mutual availability.
    $697 USD
  3. Online Plus 8 Weeks of Personal Coaching and Between Session Support - All of the online materials to guide you through the work in a systematic way through the audios, the workbooks and archetypes cards + all bonuses + 8 weeks of personal coaching (8 x 60 minute sessions, plus recordings). Also includes unlimited and priority email support between sessions and a 60 minute personal Sacred Money Archetype reading.
    $2500 USD 
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have others, please send them in the form below:

How fast do I have to do this program?

You can go at your own pace, though modules come to you every week. Some of the archetypes may be more of a discovery than others.

How long do I have access to the materials?

You can download all of the audios, workbooks and archetype cards, so you effectively have unlimited, lifetime access provided you download audios, workbooks, and the PDF archetype cards.

Do I need to know about archetypes to do this work?

Not at all. Archetypes are something every person knows, even if they haven't given it any conscious thought. Willingness to look inward and to do what it takes to have breakthroughs are necessary to get results.

How much time does it take?

If you devote at least a couple of hours a week to this study you will get results. That includes listening to audios, answering workbook questions and creating new action steps for yourself.

What if I decide I want personal coaching after doing the DIY program?

No problem, you can upgrade your package to personal coaching and the investment you made in the DIY can be used against the added investment in personal coaching.

What is the "work" during the 8 week program?

First you will listen to the audios and then answer key questions in the workbooks that will give you insight about where you have shadows/blindspots. Then you are guided to create action steps that are in line with what your goals are in purpose health, career, finances, relationships and other areas of your life so you can make needed changes in your life. 

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