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Chance Garton and Gabriel Peter: The Art of Verbal Judo [King Hero Interview]

Chance Garton and Gabriel Peter the Art of Verbal Judo

Join us live on Thursday, July 11th at 1:00 PM CDT on Rokfin, Rumble, YouTubeX, Fakebook and Vigilante.

Join the hosts of Innerverse Podcast, Chance Garton and Gabriel Peter for an in-depth interview about how to avoid physical altercation by learning verbal judo!

Verbal Judo is the training manual in verbal redirection, de-escalation, and persuasion methods to prevent and/or tactically negotiate a range of conflict scenarios, aimed to curtail need for physical engagement. Popularized primar…

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Sean S.B. Alger: Toxic Codependency and the Shadow Nurturer [King Hero Interview]

Sean (S.B.) Alger Toxic Codependency and the Shadow Nurturer

Join us live on Monday, July 8th at 2:00 PM CDT on Rokfin, Rumble, YouTubeX, Fakebook and Vigilante.

In this King Hero livestream, join myself and my guest and good friend, Sean “S.B.” Alger for a chat about codependency and how this shadow of the Nurturer archetype can become a chronic source of toxic energy.

We will talk about Sean’s personal experience overcoming this shadow, how he learned to clean up his helping act, and how that’s freed him up to create very funky art pieces, including…

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Spacebuster interview: The Truth Rebel Archetype


My interview on Spacebuster went live on June 13, 2024. You can watch it below or on Youtube, Rumble, Rokfin or Vigilante or listen to it on Anchor, Spotify or Apple Podcast.

Spacebuster's interview description:

Beth Martens, author of "Journey: A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of Meaninglessness" and host of "King Hero Interviews" and Steve discuss the 8 different archetypes we all interweave through our "hero's journey".  We focus mainly on the archetype known as "the Rebe…

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InnerVerse Podcast interview : Crushing, With Boundaries: Supporting Your Inner Nurturer Archetype w/ Beth Martens | Vibe Rant 132

InnerVerse Podcast

My interview on the InnerVerse Podcast was streamed live on Jun 12, 2024. You can watch it below or on Rumble, Rokfin, Youtube and Vigilante or listen to it on Anchor, Spotify or Apple Podcast.

InterVerse Podcast's interview description:

Beth Martens of the King Hero's Journey podcast returns to Vibe Rant to talk about her new course, The Nurturer Cure, designed to help over-givers transform burdens into boundaries, and make their service to others also serve their selves. If your drive to be …

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Jesse Hal: Ambitious, Fearless and on a Mission [King Hero Interview]

Jesse Hal Ambitious, Fearless and on a Mission

Join us live on Thursday, June 27th at 2:00 PM CDT on Rokfin, Rumble, YouTubeX, Fakebook and Vigilante.

Join myself and the intrepid host of The Missing Link, Jesse Hal. For a King Hero interview to talk about what inspired him to get and stay on his mission to get the truth out there.

We will talk about protecting and taking care of others, his near-death experience doing that, and how he stays committed to a path of love and inner wisdom on his Hero’s Journey.

Jesse’s Bio:

Jesse is ambit…

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Benny Wills: The Creation of Care [King Hero Interview]

Benny Wills - The Creation of Care

Join us live on Monday, June 24th at 12:30 PM CDT on Rokfin, RumbleX and Vigilante.

 In this King Hero interview I have the pleasure of hosting speaker, poet, comedian, and keeper of a healing space for men, Benny Wills!

While I met him briefly at my first Anarchapulco event in 2020, our mutual friends have been trying to get us together in a conversation for a while now! So I’m looking forward to talking with him about creating care, what that means in activism and speaking out, and his lif…

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Post-Texas Community Chat

Post-Texas Community Chat

Watch the recording on Rokfin, YouTube, Rumble or Vigilante

Amandha Vollmer had to reschedule her King Hero interview so I jumped on for a community chat. I talked about my recent trip and interviews in person with Alec Zeck for The Way Forward, and Luke Storey for The LifeStylist podcast in Texas; adventures at the Canadian border, and how I got my passport flagged for seven years.

I also talked about the pitfalls of the Nurturer archetype and the upcoming course on how to crush with bounda…

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ADV: The Secrets of Taking Great Care [King Hero Interview]

ADV The Secrets of Taking Great Care King Hero Interview


As a naturopathic doctor, creator of YumNaturals Emporium, and the holder of space for growing a healthy truth community, Amandha Vollmer takes care of a lot of people.

I myself have witnessed and benefited from the dedication Amandha has to her helping calling, and I knew I had to have her on to talk about the nuances of the Nurturer archetype, my most recent focus and offering to the community. 

Join a livestream with us to see how she manages to look after everyone withou…

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Rose 777 - Making Boundaries Like a Boss [King Hero Interview]

Rose 777 - Making Boundaries Like a Boss

Join us live on Tuesday, May 14th at 7 PM CDT on Rokfin, RumbleYouTubeX, Fakebook and Vigilante.

Join Rose777, the producer of Crrow777 Radio, and myself for a King Hero interview on how she uses the Nurturer archetype to keep Crrow home and house functional and in service to their loyal listeners. 

We will talk about what it takes for her to keep the ducks in a row, what challenges she runs into, and how she developed boundaries like a boss.

It’s in time to catch my free training live on…

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Matt Presti - Fighting Fire With the Nurturer [King Hero Interview]

Matt Presti - Fighting Fire With the Nurturer

Join us live on Monday, May 13th at 10 AM CDT on Rokfin, RumbleYouTubeX, Fakebook and Vigilante.

It’s easier to see the Nurturer archetype in women, but make no mistake, the Nurturer has a distinct masculine expression that I feel Matt Presti embodies.

He was recently promoted to lieutenant as a firefighter, and jumping into burning buildings to save people, pets and property is about as Nurturer as you can get.

It’s an archetype with huge gifts, and huge pitfalls.

It’s why I’m running a…

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