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Words Matter - Lawful Wisdom with David Jason Giaramita

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Words Matter in Law and in Life

Join a live interview with the creator of lawful remedy and etymology expert David Jason Giaramita, to talk about the ways each one is called to know who they are and how to stand for that in this spiritual war. Having had a 'baptism by fire' fighting for the right to see his children, he considers himself the Bruce Lee of law standing on the backs of giants he has been mentored by in law.  

David is also an honoured guest on the Choose Freed…

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Robert Michael: Be the King and Inherit the Kingdom

thumbnail Robert Michael King Hero Interview
What Does Being the King in Law Really Mean?

Join this live King Hero interview of Robert Michael, expert in trust and equity law to talk about what being the King in law really means

Robert Michael, creator of REM Private Management, began his journey of purpose in 2009 after the 2008 housing market tanked taking his father’s business and his parent’s home with it. 

For the past 12 years, Robert Michael has worked with hundreds of people across a wide variety of legal issues by exposin…

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Benjamin Balderson: The Photovoltaic Universe and Goat Love

insta ben balderson King Hero Interview
Join us Thursday for a talk about the electric universe that Benjamin Balderson, my favourite Alchemist, has been hard at work to bring to light.

Check out his YouTube:



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Paul Unslaved: Born For Freedom [King Hero's Journey Podcast]

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Paul Unslaved's mission is a common sense, courteous approach to educating folks about common law and the legal system. The intent is to provide a platform for public servants to act in good faith, and also educate those that are misinformed. 

He says, "The goal of my life and media is to create a functional community together based in truth and understanding as well as upholding universal law aka the common law."

Join us Tuesday at 3 PM CDT for a live on the King Hero's Journey to find ou…

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Dr. Barre Land on Why the Jab is a Real Threat to Others

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I Didn't Want to Believe It

When we started to hear about the vicarious effects of the jab I didn't want to believe it, so I reached out to Dr. Barre Lando, renowned Bioterrain Medicine specialist. Join this live interview to hear what it's all about and what can be done.

Watch his second appearance on the King Hero's Journey podcast on May 27, 2 PM CDT

Dr. Lando is noted amongst his peers for his innovative clinical strategies, and developed an international following for people suffering fr…

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Walking the Talk


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An Entrepreneur's Solution to Business Genocide - King Hero Interview with Steven Merrill


Entrepreneurs Create the Value and Hold the Power

Brave B.C. entrepreneur Steven Merrill decided to close his doors to anyone who wears a m.a.s.k. or who gets the vax.

Join us 3 PM Thursday May 6 to hear first hand what inspired him to take this bold move, and his account of how the public is responding to the new standards he has.

Steven Merrill has been helping investors exit the banking system and insure their wealth with the physical precious metals (silver and gold) since reading "The Cr…

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Follow Your Purpose and You’ll Be Safe in a Battlefield - King Hero Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts


Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the most inspiring women I have had the pleasure of following.

Not only has she passed through incredibly challenging legal and financial experiences, she’s come out the other side stronger a powerful creator with the will to help others. She understands the power of purpose and why people need to take that into the battlefield of the spiritual war we are in.

Catherine is the Founder and President of Solari. She served as Managing Director and Member of the Bo…

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Frankenskies and Geoengineering With Matthew Landman - King Hero Interview


Join a live King Hero interview Wednesday with filmmaker, activist, Matthew Landman!

2 PM CDT, Wednesday April 28

Through grassroots activism, film, interviews, and international summits, Matt has gained recognition as a leader in 5G and geoengineering/chemtrail awareness activism. Matt presents unprecedented and view-changing information directly from official documentation and accepted research. Matt Landman created the social change documentary Frankenskies, bringing awareness to ongoing at…

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Virtual Unreality - Artificial Archons & Gnostic Ascension Programs With Chance Garton

virtual unreality insta

Join the host of Innerverse, Chance Garton and I live at 3:30 PM, CDT Wednesday April 21st!

Chance links the negative/corrupted aspects of Gnosticism to the phenomenon of scientific materialism and its pseudo-gnostic offspring, simulation theory.

In video games the "Gnostic Program" is heavey, and they represent the creation of the artificial demiurge lower world through the digital realm hardcore gamers live in.

And society is becoming a game. 


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