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Dr. Barre Lando: Cracking the Code of Life [King Hero Interview]

Join us live at 3:00 PM CDT on August 3rd to talk about the brand new film, The Magical Land - Ickonic Original Film (2022), featuring AlfaVedic's founders, Dr. Barre Lando and Mike Winner.

In the film they talk about their regenerative agriculture, off grid grow up, and how Barre cracked the code of life in the earth and in our bodies by applying and observing the same principles.

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Max Igan: Losing Everything Can Be the Greatest Gift [King Hero Interview]

Join a King Hero interview with legend in truth media, Max Igan, the host of The Crowhouse, live July 29th at 1:00 PM CDT.

In this interview we’re going to cover a variety of subjects he’s dove deep into including the falsification of history and our timelines, his take on the controversial germ theory and Flat Earth, why he became exiled from his home in Australia (and how he’s coped), what he sees is the greatest hope for humanity now in these times he predicted accurately would come, and why …

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[Postponed] Jean-Serge Brisson: Deception, Slavery and Remedy in Canadian Taxation [King Hero Interview]

Join a live King Hero Interview with a man who was not going to take it anymore. For myself, as the daughter of entrepreneurs who were extorted and made to slave to collected taxes for the government, Jean-Serge Brisson’s mission is close to my heart. Live at 4:30 PM CDT, August 1st!!

In this interview we will talk about the story he tells in his book, Tea Party for One, that caused Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to take him to court, and how he won by showing how the government was breaking their …

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11 Things I love about the Private Domain-Secret Garden Stream

11 Things I LOVE About the Private Domain
Join me to learn about the secrets controllers don’t want us to know about the private domain where we are biblically instructed to go - to create and thrive in private membership associations. This week Thursday and Friday I am hosting the first two events in my new association, the House of Free Will.

Apply to become a member of the House of Free Will Ministry

Sign up for Paul Gautschi's workshop, "Growing God's Way"…

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Benjamin Balderson: Rooted, Ready and Able [King Hero Interview]

Benjamin Balderson is one of the most rooted men I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Among his many Alchemist skills include working with the land to produce life. His masculine archetype fits like a glove.

Join him and I Wednesday July 13 at 1:00 pm CDT for a stream from the garden!!

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Bill Thornton, The Magna Carta and Confirmatio Cartarum [King Hero Interview]

After great feedback Bill Thornton of will be back by popular demand and on for an interview this Friday July 8 at 1:30 PM CDT!! We will go deeper into the history of the Magna Carta, the Confirmatio Cartarum, and how he reaffirms that the Magna Carta may be pleaded as the Common Law before a court.

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First Garden Stream of the Season!!

the secret garden

 Join me live for a little chat from Chez Jardin! 💕

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Paul Gautschi: Back to Eden and the Miracle of God's Favour [King Hero Interview]

Paul Gautschi Thumbnail

Join a live interview or catch the recording below of the gardener and master arborist featured in the film, Back to Eden that has had more than 50 million views in the past decade. I'm super excited for this, the timing couldn't be better!!

I'm going to talk with Paul Gautschi about why we were never meant to toil for food and till the land, and why Paul feels he was made for these times to help us prepare ourselves for food independence. And we'll go deep into how God's favour can become a tr…

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