King Hero's Journey Podcast

Kalina Lux: Paradise in the Private [King Hero Interview]

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Join us live Friday, May 20 at 3 PM CDT to talk about her life and work in the private domain including...

Autocracy and decentralization of spirituality corresponding to the Age of Aquarius; Invoking our religious rights to Breath the Spirit without covering our faces and keeping our temples pristine and maintaining the power to dictate what goes into your body; The affidavit as a religious exemption; Synchronizing with the mindset required to build the New Sovereign Aerthe (Breakaway/Parallel…

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The Bigsib: Spiritual Backbone in Law [King Hero Interview]

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Join us Monday May 16th at 3 PM CDT for an interview with champion in law and spirit, BigSib.

In this interview we’ll discuss why he thinks having a spiritual backbone is the missing link in law and why spiritual appropriation is a very real obstacle for believers and the law community alike. We will talk about court process in the public, and PMA’s in the private, as well as the 7 levels of reading the Bible that is his main source of wisdom and direction.

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Henna Maria: Controlled Op, War Strategies and Natural Law [King Hero Interview]

The Elephant in the Truther Room: Join us for a livestream noon CDT, May 5, 2022 to talk about the elephant in the "truther" room these days, controlled op. We’re going to discuss the war strategy of using controlled op to take good people sideways, and how she uses her knowledge in Natural Law to navigate the traps and pitfalls.

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Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan: Luminous Kids Revolution [King Hero Interview]

Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan is a teacher of consciousness and human potential, a Holistic Chinese Medicine Doctor, author, speaker, coach, and mama of two Luminous Kids.

Her journey began in 2003 after a series of meditation-induced mystical experiences that changed her perception of human possibilities forever. Since then, she has devoted her life to unlocking the secrets to our Human Potential. Her work weaves together ancient wisdom with the new science of consciousness, medicine, and spirituality.


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Autodidactic: The Architecture of Power [King Hero Interview]

Where does the power of architecture, and architecture of power, really lie? 

Join Campbell Purvis of Autodidactic and myself for a conversation about technology, architectural installations, star forts, what’s been done to existing technology, how history was forever changed, and how to reverse it from within. 


Find Autodidactic channel on YouTube:

Find the oth…

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TJ Marrs: Negotiating As-King [King Hero Interview]

Negotiating As_King TJ Marrs
Kings Ask Questions
Join a live King Hero interview with TJ Marrs to learn the art of negotiating, staying in your power, 'as king', by asking questions, and navigating contracts. In addition we'll talk about how to view and amend signatures to keep your rights intact. April 25th, 3 PM CDT

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Lifeology: With guest Ian Spellman [King Hero Interview]

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Instead of rolling up his sleeve to keep his job as a school teacher in Thailand when mandates hit, Ian Spellman chose the courageous path of pioneering projects that matched his vision, mission, and desire for freedom.

In this interview we’re going to talk about his vision for education, his passion for life sciences, the Lifeology programs he offers for teens and adults who like actual science and practical knowledge for our times lol. We’ll also talk about and show you snips of the resort he i…

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Amandha Vollmer and Dean Clifford: Private Contracts and Public Enemies [King Hero Interview]

thumbnail Amanda Vollmer and Dean Clifford
Join us April 22nd at 5 PM CDT for a meeting of great minds when Amandha Vollmer and Dean Clifford are coming on the King Hero’s Journey!!

We will be discussing the nature of private contracts, Private Membership Associations, the building of functioning community for what is in store ahead of us, how our public associations may see this as a threat, and how to best deal with it if conflict arises.

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The Bigger the Lie The Easier It Is to Believe - With Cambell Purvis and David Weiss

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Today!! (Monday April 11th, 5 PM CDT) FE champion, David Weiss and Autodidactic's Cambell Purvis are joining me to talk about the merits of deprogramming from the cosmological and historical lies we are fed. 

We're going to dive in with Star Forts, Tartaria, missing time and history, as well as why one of the biggest lies of all remains unseen by many.

Check out David at:

Autodidactic on YouTube:

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