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Why I'm a Recovering Feminist

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For 10 years I spouted that women should take over the world. Now I take it all back.

Check out this recording of a live video I did. It was a bit scary for me, but in the end there turned out to be a lot more support for my take on feminism than I expected.

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Masculinity in the 21st Century

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In this interview writer and very deep thinker, Garrett Dailey shared his wisdom on masculinity in the 21st century, the Masculine and Feminine (order mind and chaos mind) and the 'why' that drives them. 

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Interview with Randy Maugans, Creator of OffPlanet Radio

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It's Not About the Gender Wars

Check out this King Hero interview where we talked about a man's purpose, what he needs to fulfill it and how Randy survived repeated attacks doing the brave work he does. 

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What is stopping you from following your instincts and being of service in the way you know you need to? Maybe you're already up to your eyeballs in your purpose , but you are crashing under the pressure of it.

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