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"Let the Truth Do It's Job" Ole Dammegard King Hero's Journey Interview


Check out my interview of Ole Dammegård, long time truth teller, false flag expert, and massive inspiration to those who follow his work.

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How Betrayal and a Global Pandemic Aligned Dr. Andrew Kaufman With His Sacred Purpose - #KingHero

caduseus 2.jpeg

MD, natural healing consultant, inventor, public speaker, forensic psychiatrist, expert witness, and host of Medicamentum Authentica podcast, Andrew Kaufman joined me for this important conversation.

It’s important because while he didn’t know he was going to turn into an expert on viruses, it’s so lucky for us he did. The people with ears to hear are extremely fortunate for the time and effort he’s spent exploring the science behind viruses that has gone...

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How Jonny Dupre Stays At The Helm of His Own Destiny - King Hero's Journey Podcast


Jonny Dupre, a psycho-social coach, master hypnotist and NLP practitioner, doesn’t answer well to authority and likes to be at the helm of his own destiny.

“Purpose is ultimately a choice when you get  aligning you with all of your you’s.”

Principle, aim, contribution = purpose.

It’s not something bestowed upon people. Purpose can be owned and intrinsically motivated.

To hold all the truths is to carry the message, “I don’t know and that’s...

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Farm Kids Do What They Want - The King Hero's Journey of Benjamin Balderson


Millionaire entrepreneur returned to the land after he saw that success was a unicorn he was chasing after.

After he started getting seizures, and using cannabis as a cure, he got caught and sent to prison for 4 years.
Find out why Benjamin spent 2 years locked in a solitary cell, went crazy, came back from there many times.
When he got out, flatted his prison number and walked out, he was a free man — raw, clean and new.
“I used to blame others for my life and by the...

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The Counterfeit Nature of Our World - Interview with Hosts of Crrow777 Radio Crrow and Jason Lindgren on the King Hero's Journey


I had the pleasure of interviewing the hosts of Crrow777 Radio, with musician Jason Lindgren and the original host, Crrow.

“I’d rather be poor, starving and dead than work in the corporate world,” says Crrow who doesn't identify with the corporate birth name on his certificate ID. He jumped ship and faced poverty for a time so he could walk away from it.

His life taught him that for a righteous person, a path will appear.

We live in a fugazi world.

In order to have your own...

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Find Out How Entrepreneur, Creator of SeaPods and Survivor of a Rare Disease, Grant Romundt Faced His Death, Chose Life, and Lives on the Ocean


Grant Romundt was an entrepreneur by the age of 6.

He never had an all-nighter at school, but as soon as he was passionate in his own business he did 10 - 15 years of all-nighters because it feeds him so much.

Grant recommends to find out what you don’t like so you are motivated to do what you do, to work hard, and do thing you like.

When Tony Robbins gave him a call and he realized he had learned to manifest.

Find out how he demystifies the process of manifestation, taking it back from...

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Put On The Full Armour of God For The C0r0na Apocalypse With PressForTruth King Hero, Dan Dicks


In this episode during the historic times of Covid19 and the market crash of the century find out how Dan Dicks created what people need more than ever before, a Truth channel.

He created his PressForTruth podcast by his own action and courage. He dove in head first, without going to journalism school because he was passionate about exposing lies.

We talked about why it’s better to make the effort to correct your mistakes, especially with a public forum.

Spiritual Warfare

Because we...

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Baptism By Fire - King Hero’s Journey Podcast with Leader of the Libertarian Party, Tim Moen


Finding Moral Center

Leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, fireman and dedicated family man, Tim Moen has truly been baptized by fire, making him a regular at finding his moral center.

He saw through the propaganda matrix, which led him to the philosophy of liberty. He noticed that using force and violence is only legal if you’re a government leader.

As a side hustle from his fireman gig Tim did film work with musician, Neil Young and actress, Darryl Hannah that changed...

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Who's Thinking Are You Thinking - King Hero's Journey Podcast with Frank Sell

Frank-isms To Live By

I had the pleasure of interviewing entrepreneur and coach to men finding their way, Frank Sell.

He dropped a lot of truth in this time we had together. Here are the highlight quotes below.

I've owned my own job for 20 years.

I made a conscious choice to be in control of my destiny.

Stop bitching and do something.

Beat the streets so hard he made potholes.

Children are reflections of the garbage we didn’t fix.

Nothing in nature exists in a vacuum.

Call on mentors...

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Helping People From an Enlightened and Informed Position with King Hero, Sean (S.B.) Alger


People Don't Want to Be Punched in the Face With Truth

ivan-pergasi-iXADMgr42Iw-unsplash.jpgIn this interview podcaster, musician, and artist Sean (S.B.) Alger and I talked about waking up and how people don’t want to be punched in the face with the unknown.
It's a subtle thing, highly nuanced. And it takes finesse not to send people running the other direction.

The Nature of Awakening

We discussed the nature of awakening, cognitive dissonance and the pitfalls of helping others wake up.

The Perils of Caregiving...

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