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Paul Unslaved: Holding Your Position [King Hero Interview]

Paul Unslaved - Holding Your Position KHI Thumbnail

Join Paul Unslaved and I at 2 PM, Wednesday, Sept. 22, to talk about what it means to hold your position in lawful and honourable interactions with authorities.

He says, "The mission is a common sense, courteous approach to educating folks about common law and the legal system. The intent is to provide a platform for public servants to act in good faith, and also educate those that are misinformed.

The goal of my life and media is to create a functional community together based in truth and un…

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What We're Here For: The Truth with Guests Yerasimos Stilianessis & Joel Rafidi [King Hero Interview]

Yerasimos Stilianessis & Joel Rafidi King Hero Thumbnail

Join me and Special Guests Yerasimos Stilianessis & Joel Rafidi for this King Hero Interview on Wednesday at 5:30pm CDT.

"Yerasimos is a trauma-informed bodyworker, holistic health consultant, and “Human Design” guide, co-host of the 'Here For The Truth' Podcast, and creator of Somatic Freedom: A Pathway to True Health. He works with motivated individuals around the world to help them understand and connect to their true nature more deeply, overcome disempowering behaviors, and release excess s…

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Giving Notice - Delegate Talks for the LRSD Special Meeting August 24, 2021 Recording

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 5.25.59 PM
Community delegate talks at the August 24, 2021 LRSD School Board meeting by Joy Onyschak, Beth Martens, and Natalie Reimer Anderson. Please help us go viral with this. The LRSD refused us a copy of the recording (which is why the quality of this screen recording sucks).

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Daniel Terry - When Angels Roar Part II [King Hero Interview]

Daniel Terry Part II Thumbnail

Join Daniel Terry and myself live Friday September 3rd at 2 PM for part 2 of 'When Angels Roar' to talk about how to navigate land title, fraudulent taxes, and the action you can take.

Follow Daniel Here:

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Sign up by donation for the Choose Freedom Law Summit at:


Let me know you'd like to chat about the Journey Code Coaching Certification program that is…

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Lena Pu - Sovereign Theory in Action [King Hero Interview]

Lena Pu King Hero Thumbnail

Join Founder of Lena's Fabulous Frequencies and I, on Wednesday at 5:00pm CDT for this King Hero Interview, where we will be talking about what Sovereign Theory in Action really means.

Lena has made numerous breakthroughs in stopping the weaponized commercial system of 5G rollouts and temperature guns, and has led an international group of brave warriors bringing down the NIH, FCC, FDA, CDC, and WHO leaders with NOL's against all wireless, Internet of Things, Internet of Bodies, Vaccines, a…

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Speaking Out Debrief: With Special Guest Joylene Onyschuk

Joy Onyschuk Debrief Interview

Creator of Joy Somatics joins me at 12:00pm CDT to debrief a meeting with school trustees where three of us spoke the plain truth in facts of the matters as they try to railroad through the gov't orders that would have all staff and kids at schools double jabbed or else. They cut Joy off in her presentation so I'm hosting her to tell the whole thing. Please come and share.


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Daniel Terry - When Angels Roar [King Hero Interview]

Daniel Terry King Hero Interview Thumbnail

Join me and Founder of Angelic Law, Daniel Terry, on Wednesday at 2:00pm CDT for this King Hero Interview where we will be talking about the topic: When Angels Roar!

"Angelic Law is a one of a kind unique boutique law firm. Our offices are cloud based, to better serve all God’s children in all parts of the North American continent.  We are here to help those suffering from the hands of the IRS and CRA, who maintain themselves under the auspices of an unlawful and deceitful Tax Act. Where an…

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Dr. Barre Lando - Standing on the Land [King Hero Interview]

Barre Lando Land King Hero Interview Thumbnail

Join co-founder of Alfa Vedic, Dr. Barre Lando and myself when we go live to talk about his knowledge and history about the law of the land, and from decades of experience why practical health of land/body wisdom plays an integral part in sovereignty.

After decades of experience in studying and navigating in the lawful realm Barre says, "I was in circles years ago that discovered the truth the hard way. In recent years I've come to the conclusion that I learned what I needed to learn and can do…

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Chance Garton - The Devil is in The Data [King Hero Interview]

Chance Garton King Hero Interview Thumbnail

Join the host of Innerverse Podcast, Chance Garton and myself Wednesday the 11th at 2 PM CDT to talk about why God knows everything and the devil wants to know everything.

The beast system is a hungry ghost for our details - about everything from finances, political views, shopping habits, body stats, and what we had for breakfast.

It can seem innocuous for people who have nothing to hide, but rest assured this is not the case.

Discover why privacy is at a premium and what it really means tha…

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David Jason Giaramita - Navigating the Snake of Family "Law" Part II [King Hero Interview]

David Jason Giaramita Part II King Hero Interview Thumbnail

Join us tomorrow, the 6th at 2:00 PM CDT for Part II of this King Hero Interview with David Jason Giaramita and special guest, Kevin Philips.

The family is the first line of freedom's defense because strong families make for strong community. Join us for Part 2 of "Navigating the Snake of Family Law" with sovereignty expertst David Jason Giaramita and Kevin Phillips of SPLSRO out of the UK.

Find them at these links:

Indi Glow youtube =

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