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Canadian Federal Court Rules against Its Government [King Hero Interview]

Jane Scharf Court Rules Against it's Gov

The Federal Court of Canada made a landmark ruling that the Liberal’s invocation of the Emergencies Act during the truckers convoy in 2022 was unjustified, unreasonable, and exceeded their legal authority.

Join us for a panel discussion debriefing with paralegal and champion for holding the government executives accountable, Jane Scharf; Janice Currey who was a big participant in the convoy and who was arrested twice, self-represented and beat her charges; Norman Traversy, one of the original o…

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Matt Unceded on Controlled Op Archetypes: Canada Edition [King Hero Interview]

Matt Unceded on Controlled Op Archetypes

Join a live King Hero interview with intrepid truth teller, and host of Matt the Unceded channel, to talk about the archetypes of controlled op as they appear in the truth movement, especially in Canada where the webs are a tangled weave to say the least.

Unlike myself who has mostly navigated this subject through pattern hunting and intuition, Matt is an expert at finding and showing the facts, following the money trails, and demonstrating nefarious affiliations. Visit his channel below to wat…

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Enna Reittort: The Godtrix Against the Matrix [King Hero Interview]

Enna Reittort The Godtrix Against the Matrix King Hero Interview

Join me for an interview of anthropologist and author Enna Reittort when we will be discussing her 2021 book, “Krivda: The Godtrix Against the Matrix”.

She will talk about the components of a god’s religion, the difference between the Old and New Testament, the battle for the narrative, free will, mind control, and egregores, why the gods envy us, and the “End Game of the Long Game”.

Going live Thursday, January 11th at 4:45 PM CST. 


Full live interview on Rokfin:


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Freeman's Perspective on the Archetypes of Controlled Op [King Hero Interview]

freeman on archs of controlled op

Freeman and the Freedom TV collection of truth media was my first positive experience in my waking up to the agendas in our world. Unlike the doom, fear, and anger porn that had become common in 2015 when I began to wake up, Freeman always drew hopeful conclusions despite the dark realities. 

To my happy surprise, I'm just now discovering his interest in the way controlled op has infiltrated the movement. Join a conversation with this OG in the truth and freedom spaces on the second of a series…

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Jamming on Controlled Op Archetypes [King Hero Stream]

Jamming on Controlled Op Archetypes [King Hero Stream]

Join myself and guest, friend, intrepid truth-teller, Rose 777 who keeps the ship running at Crrow777 Radio, for a jam on the archetypes of controlled I’ve been exploring.

We’re at war and understanding the patterns of how controlled op operates is more important than ever. And that one phrase, “controlled op”, while accurate, is more highly nuanced than the label can convey.

Join us Tuesday, January 2nd at 3 PM CST while we put our minds together for the first King Hero jam on 2024!!

Find Ro…

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Robert Phoenix: The Archetypes of Astrology [King Hero Interview]

Robert Phoenix The Archetypes of Astrology-KH

Join us live on Friday, December 29th at 3 PM CST, for an interview with respected astrologer Robert Phoenix in the last days of 2023 to talk about the archetypes in astrology, the nature of the time we’re in, and what to look forward to in the new year despite the doom predictions.

Robert’s bio:
Robert Phoenix has been a practicing astrologer since 2008 and has done thousands of personal readings. in 2013 he produced and presented 24 episodes of “The 11th House” on Gaia.Tv. “The 11th House” bro…

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Weaving Spiders New Years Jam [King Hero's Journey]


Join us at 5 PM CST on Thursday, December 28th, to hear the good folks over at Weaving Spiders including Sean (SB) Alger, Benjamin Balderson, and Jim Maiden to jam on the insane year we've had, what to poke fun of, and how the fine art of weaving works.

You can catch the Spiders at these links: 

Rokfin, Fakebook, X & Youtube: 


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Brandon Sterling: Debunking the BRICS Larp [King Hero Interview]

Brandon Sterling on BRICS

From the mythos of its inception, to the results of the unofficial union, Brandon Sterling will be showing why he knows that all of they hype and fear porn around BRICS turns out to be a LARP.

In this interview we delve into the realities behind the BRICS alliance and explore why it did not live up to the hype it generated. Amidst all of the noise online, the proverbial BRICS Buck didn’t come to fruition. 

The narrative we are being spoon fed is that BRICS putting together an alliance and trad…

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Jason Lindgren: The Mythos of the Hero’s Journey [King Hero Interview]

Jason Lindgren Hero's Journey

Inspired by the epic Crrow777 Radio series on the Hero’s Journey, join truth Warrior and podcaster, Jason Lindgren and myself for a talk about the pattern of beliefs, myths, and symbols that make up the archetypal Hero’s Journey that is more relevant today than ever.

Going live to Rokfin, X, Fakebook and YouTube 7 PM CST, December 20th.

Jason’s Bio:

Jason Lindgren is a musician, studio engineer, writer, talk show host, and filmmaker. Beginning with the Podcast “Secrets of Saturn”, Jason bega…

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Navigating Death Season with Grace - Rant and Reflection [King Hero Rant]

navigating death season with grace

This can be the most difficult time of year, even for normal people lol. And while we deal with both natural and unnatural forces, there is no benefit to feeling hopeless. Join me for a community chat, a rant, or two, and to talk about navigating the underworld with grace.

Watch on RofkinFakebook, or X.

UPDATE: The YouTube stream got me 2/3 strikes on YouTube. Please join me on X for future livestreams!


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