11 Things I love about the Private Domain-Secret Garden Stream

11 Things I LOVE About the Private Domain
Join me to learn about the secrets controllers don’t want us to know about the private domain where we are biblically instructed to go - to create and thrive in private membership associations. This week Thursday and Friday I am hosting the first two events in my new association, the House of Free Will.

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James Topp: Marching With Purpose Across Canada [King Hero Interview]

James top thumbnail

Friday, June 9th at 1:30 PM — I’ll be live with James Top as he journeys on foot across Canada, just days away from reaching his destination in Ottawa after a 4,000 plus long walk to protest the …ugh I can’t even say it.

James Topp is a current serving soldier who has served in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for 28 years. James is in the process of being released and as such is a unique case of a current serving member engaging in peaceful protest openly. The Canada Marches team, and Canadians…

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Navigating the Wilderness, Surviving the Monkey-demic and Other Updates [Personal Rant]

June 2019-100

Join me for an informal community chat to talk about how to navigate the wilderness and some updates on what's on the horizon.


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Synchronizing the Power of Love - Rant and Reflection


Join me live at 1:45 PM CST for a personal 'rant and reflection' on what we may not have seen before, but can see now, and how the soul of our brothers and sisters is collectively coming into the true power that is love.

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The Fall of an Empire: New Federal Court of Canada Ruling [King Hero Interview with Glenn Bogue and Jackoline Milne]]

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HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Join us 4 PM CST TODAY for details of the new Federal Court of Canada ruling, as per the ASKIT tribunal, who ordered the crown to produce a treaty title to the land or leave the land. And now it's gone to the Federal Court of Appeal, stay tuned.

With special guests Indigenous Lawyer, Glenn Bogue, Jason LaFace, organizer of the Freedom Convoy 2022, and to speak to the historical patterns of empires falling, award-winning regenerative agriculture expert, Jackoline Milne.


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Breaking News! [Primal Power God's Law edition course is born]

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Here's an announcement about the upcoming Primal Power, God's Law edition for lovers of truth, justice and God-given power, that I trust will be of big service to our community.

For the first time ever in Primal Power I'm hosting it with a guest teacher, Jackoline Milne, and offering it by donation given the fact that everyone needs the law and the Bible at this time AND we're moving out of Babylon into our own system of giving each other our value.

Enjoy, this was a bunch of fun for me! 


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Get Up Stand Up - Winnipeg Freedom Rally Livestream

Join this live freedom rally Saturday, April 17th in Winnipeg 

If you can make it in person come to the CN Stage next to the Human Wrongs Museum for an amazing line up of speakers and a church choir!!!

1:00 PM CDT


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Why I'm a Recovering Feminist

June 2019-80

For 10 years I spouted that women should take over the world. Now I take it all back.

Check out this recording of a live video I did. It was a bit scary for me, but in the end there turned out to be a lot more support for my take on feminism than I expected.

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And if you're more of a King Hero than a Mermaid trying to survive your powerful purpose, click here to sign up…

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