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David Jason Giaramita - Navigating the Snake of Family "Law" [King Hero Interview]

David Jason Giaramita-family-law-thumbnail

Families are being crushed by the plandemic, often split down the middle and feeling they have to choose between their loved ones and getting a poison injection in the name of keeping the peace.

Join us for this live King Hero's Journey Podcast Interview with David Jason Giaramita Friday at 2 PM CDT to talk about the law and the family, and what can be done.

Find David's work at the links below:

Indi Glow youtube =

spls pro youtube = h…

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Chris Rice: Independent Journalism, Truth, Law, Spirituality, and the Grand Fiction


Join a livestream with Chris Rice, the host of Rice TVx who has hosted a number of the heavy-hitters in the lawful movement that is growing rapidly as people look for remedy for the crimes being committed against the people - now more than ever.

On this interview we're going to talk about what it's like to be an alternative journalist, what led him to explore the law world, how spirituality is a major ingredient in successfully taking a stand, and preview his bonus appearance on the Choose Fr…

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Kristen Nagle: Canadian Frontline Nurses Across Canada Tour in Winnipeg [July 12]

kristen nagle frontline nurses

Join Kristen and I to preview their event today! She's one of the brave nurses who chose speaking the truth over job security.

These women are a model for everyone who needs to get past being scared to lose what they have, and create in their own vision.

Jump on live at 11 AM CDT and show your support for their courage and vision for how health care can really be in a country where we are used to bending over, bending a knee, and bending our morals to suit the immoral majority.


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Chance Garton - Stealth and Grace [King Hero Interview]

Chance Garton KH YTube

Discovering Grace through the Virtues and Shadows of Stealth

Join Beth and her guest, podcaster and frequent guest on Unslaved, Chance Garton for an unscripted conversation on the virtues and shadows of stealth, and how its virtues lead to grace for this King Hero Interview on Monday, July 5 at 4:00pm CDT.

Visit Chance at:


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Dan The Christian Man: The War Between Good & Evil & Why There is Ultimate Hope [King Hero Interview]

Dan The Christian Man KH YTube

Simple Solutions Anyone?

Join us for this King Hero's Journey podcast on Monday, June 28 at 1:30pm CDT, with A Christian Man Named Dan who's work I truly resonate with. 

Having been raised outside of Babylon for the most part, he became and expert in law and the Bible, learning how to leave the beast system. I'm excited to share what I've discovered from his work and am honoured to have him on the King Hero's Journey!!!


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Mark Pytellek: Claim Back Your Freedoms [King Hero Interview]

thumbnail-Mark Pytellek KHJ

Join this King Hero's Journey podcast Thursday at 7 PM CDT, with Mark Pytellek who is a 1st generation Australian of German parents who immigrated to Australia in 1960 to escape the communist dictatorship in former East Germany, in the hope of achieving a free and prosperous life in free & prosperous democratic Australia.

Mark grew up in country Victoria, loving the rural country side, life and the freedoms then prevalent in Australia. His love of rural Australia drove him to complete a Bache…

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Words Matter - Lawful Wisdom with David Jason Giaramita

David Jason Giaramita thumbnail
Words Matter in Law and in Life

Join a live interview with the creator of lawful remedy and etymology expert David Jason Giaramita, to talk about the ways each one is called to know who they are and how to stand for that in this spiritual war. Having had a 'baptism by fire' fighting for the right to see his children, he considers himself the Bruce Lee of law standing on the backs of giants he has been mentored by in law.  

David is also an honoured guest on the Choose Freed…

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Robert Michael: Be the King and Inherit the Kingdom

thumbnail Robert Michael King Hero Interview
What Does Being the King in Law Really Mean?

Join this live King Hero interview of Robert Michael, expert in trust and equity law to talk about what being the King in law really means

Robert Michael, creator of REM Private Management, began his journey of purpose in 2009 after the 2008 housing market tanked taking his father’s business and his parent’s home with it. 

For the past 12 years, Robert Michael has worked with hundreds of people across a wide variety of legal issues by exposin…

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Benjamin Balderson: The Photovoltaic Universe and Goat Love

insta ben balderson King Hero Interview
Join us Thursday for a talk about the electric universe that Benjamin Balderson, my favourite Alchemist, has been hard at work to bring to light.

Check out his YouTube:



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Paul Unslaved: Born For Freedom [King Hero's Journey Podcast]

insta paul unslaved KHJ
Paul Unslaved's mission is a common sense, courteous approach to educating folks about common law and the legal system. The intent is to provide a platform for public servants to act in good faith, and also educate those that are misinformed. 

He says, "The goal of my life and media is to create a functional community together based in truth and understanding as well as upholding universal law aka the common law."

Join us Tuesday at 3 PM CDT for a live on the King Hero's Journey to find ou…

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