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Speaking Out Debrief: With Special Guest Joylene Onyschuk

Joy Onyschuk Debrief Interview

Creator of Joy Somatics joins me at 12:00pm CDT to debrief a meeting with school trustees where three of us spoke the plain truth in facts of the matters as they try to railroad through the gov't orders that would have all staff and kids at schools double jabbed or else. They cut Joy off in her presentation so I'm hosting her to tell the whole thing. Please come and share.


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Aeon Byte Live: Primal Archetypes with Beth Martens

Primal Archetypes with Beth Martens

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio is one of my all-time favourite channels spreading the good word from a huge variety of perspectives. The host Miguel Conner has appeared twice on the King Hero's Journey and this will be my second time I'm honoured to be interviewed on his channel. He says...

Beth Martens returns to the Virtual Alexandria to discuss her expanded archetypal work and release programs – healing solutions for our “New World Disorder” of addiction, depression & anxiety, financial uncertain…

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On Alpha Females

June 2019-122

Strength and the Feminine

Had the privilege of speaking with an elder in the Aion Media sphere last night. This conversation left me feeling so high and hopeful, and in awe of the value Sacred Masculine.

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