Clint Richardson: The Private Domain in the Bible [King Hero Interview]


Join us Monday May 22nd at 2:00 PM CT for another live interview with Clint Richardson. I'm on another strike from YouTube I hear so this will be on Rokfin only. :-(

We’re going to talk about how the private domain is reflected in the Holy Bible and why it’s important to know.

He says, “You must learn the language of your master, for a man can only be enslaved by the words that contain his mind (beliefs) and his actions (works).

And so, as it is said, no man may have two masters, we each mu…

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Shade Stone: Revelations on Revelation [King Hero Interview]

Shade Stone Revelation thumbnail

Shade Stone, the spiritual arm of Canada’s Stand4Thee suggests that the book of Revelation is history, not prophecy.

Since considering the evidence he shows as host on his weekly Sunday evening scripture Zooms, my perspective and outlook of what we’re going through has been profoundly changed for the better.

Join us for this King Hero interview Monday, March 6 at 2:30 PM CST when we will discuss the timestamps found in the book of Revelation, and what it potentially means for us, especially n…

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Crow - The Lies in the Truth [King Hero Interview]

crrow nov 15 2022 thumbnail 2
Join live Nov. 15 at noon CST when the captain of the ship at Crrow777 Radio is joining me for a chat about truth, the cultural phenomena of the “truth community”, and the lies in the truth world he's discerned after more than 450 episodes deep diving into conspiracies in law, health, social structures, and the globalizing culture at large.

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Cal Washington: Communities Back in Power [King Hero Interview]

cal washington communities in power thumbnail 2
Join the the CEO & CoFounder of InPower Movement and the author of the Notice of Liability (NoL), Cal Washington, and myself to talk about the long-anticipated mass action notice of liability that has recently gone live. We’ll talk about what the journey has been like getting to this point, what has been done already, how good people can get involved, and what it looks like on the other side. We will also discuss the private domain, how things have changed in law since his movement began, and wh…

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My Interview on Crrow777 Radio - From Disease to Archetypes [Hour One]

Crrow 446-EpisodeImage-868x868

A replay of the first hour of episode #446 on Crrow777 Radio where they interviewed me about how I went from a dying person to being a living person by discovering what in myself was draining my life energy after a three-year battle with cancer. We discussed the fine points of healing, archetypes as a path to discover the unconscious, and why there is a need to embark on the Hero's Journey to not only heal ourselves, but to return with the elixir to help and serve others with the gifts and skill…

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Paul Gautschi: Back to Eden and the Miracle of God's Favour [King Hero Interview]

Paul Gautschi Thumbnail

Join a live interview or catch the recording below of the gardener and master arborist featured in the film, Back to Eden that has had more than 50 million views in the past decade. I'm super excited for this, the timing couldn't be better!!

I'm going to talk with Paul Gautschi about why we were never meant to toil for food and till the land, and why Paul feels he was made for these times to help us prepare ourselves for food independence. And we'll go deep into how God's favour can become a tr…

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Bill Thornton, Creator of - Five Elements of Court Procedure [King Hero Interview]

bill thornton thumbnail

Join a livestream with Bill Thornton, law pioneer and 84 year old creator of, to talk about common law, the 5 Elements of court procedure, the King archetype in the court process, and the biblical foundation for his work.

June 17, at 1 PM CDT

Visit to learn more about his work.

He says,

“Back in olden days (c. 1970) when bulletin board systems in vogue (BBS), Sovereign's Paradise was on line. When the Internet made its presence, Sovereign's Paradise became the Nitty Gri…

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Brett F: Plead the Cause and Cry Out for Justice [King Hero Interview]

Almost no one I’ve met in the alternative law world got there because they love the murky realm of the law and Brett F is not exception. As the co-host with Randy Kelton of the regular broadcast, “Rule of Law Radio”, he makes a mission of doing what God tells him to do. He quotes Isaiah 1:17 “Learn to do good; Seek justice, Reprove the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, Plead for [the cause] of the widow.” as his foundation to champion people to help themselves and the vulnerable in law.

Join us l…

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Navigating the Wilderness, Surviving the Monkey-demic and Other Updates [Personal Rant]

June 2019-100

Join me for an informal community chat to talk about how to navigate the wilderness and some updates on what's on the horizon.


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Amandha Vollmer and Dean Clifford: Private Contracts and Public Enemies [King Hero Interview]

thumbnail Amanda Vollmer and Dean Clifford
Join us April 22nd at 5 PM CDT for a meeting of great minds when Amandha Vollmer and Dean Clifford are coming on the King Hero’s Journey!!

We will be discussing the nature of private contracts, Private Membership Associations, the building of functioning community for what is in store ahead of us, how our public associations may see this as a threat, and how to best deal with it if conflict arises.

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