Amandha Vollmer and Dean Clifford: Private Contracts and Public Enemies [King Hero Interview]

thumbnail Amanda Vollmer and Dean Clifford
Join us April 22nd at 5 PM CDT for a meeting of great minds when Amandha Vollmer and Dean Clifford are coming on the King Hero’s Journey!!

We will be discussing the nature of private contracts, Private Membership Associations, the building of functioning community for what is in store ahead of us, how our public associations may see this as a threat, and how to best deal with it if conflict arises.

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The Business of Law - T.J. Marrs [King Hero Interview]

TJ Marrs thumbnail

Do the business of law right, STOP volunteering, and get your freedom back. 

Join a King Hero interview with the creator of, T.J. Marrs at 3 PM CDT, Friday March 25th!

Over the past 25 + years T.J. Marrs has has helped 100’s of individuals in handling their own legal matters, and participated and coached on over 300 real estate transactions combined as a licensed Real Estate Agent, Oregon & Washington licensed Mortgage Broker & Mortgage Banker, and real estate investor, and…

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The Biblical Basis for Private Membership Associations - Jackoline Milne [King Hero Interview]

Join Jackoline and myself for a livestream at 4 PM CST FRIDAY MARCH 18  to talk about how law, life, and spirit are aligning and the instructions found in the Bible about going into the private with Private Membership Associations. 

She is going to announce Jackie's introductory workshop on creating your own PMA as well. Save the date, March 30, 7 PM CST!! And we're also going to talk about what you may not know about the Bar Association, and what they DO NOT want you to know.

Find Jackoli…

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Synchronizing the Power of Love - Rant and Reflection


Join me live at 1:45 PM CST for a personal 'rant and reflection' on what we may not have seen before, but can see now, and how the soul of our brothers and sisters is collectively coming into the true power that is love.

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Find the oSynchronizing the Power of Love - Rant and Reflectionther 150+ King Hero's Journey interviews and personal rants here:


Join Primal Power God's Law starting Jan 30:

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