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The Bigger the Lie The Easier It Is to Believe - With Cambell Purvis and David Weiss

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Today!! (Monday April 11th, 5 PM CDT) FE champion, David Weiss and Autodidactic's Cambell Purvis are joining me to talk about the merits of deprogramming from the cosmological and historical lies we are fed. 

We're going to dive in with Star Forts, Tartaria, missing time and history, as well as why one of the biggest lies of all remains unseen by many.

Check out David at:

Autodidactic on YouTube:

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Alphonse Faggiolo and Amanda Ridding: Moving Mountains in Law [KingHero Interview]

Copy of Copy of Copy of Mike Donio

Join a power-packed King Hero livestream with Alphonse Faggiolo and Amanda Ridding who have both been tirelessly helping people to navigate broken laws and court procedures that will bring remedy.

Alphonse has attracted a number of Canadian followers, but because court procedure changes from place to place, he was excited to hear about Amanda helping us with tyranical rulers in Canada in the courts.

When he said, "She sounds like a female me," I knew I needed to introduce them and get them tog…

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Rebecca Sheppard - Travel in Canada, NoLs, and Busting the Charter Myths [King Hero Interview]

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Join Stand4Thee's Rebecca Sheppard and myself for a King Hero interview Friday April 1st at 1:00 PM CDT!

We're going to talk about travel restrictions and what can be done about them, how they use their Notice of Liability, the myths that are going around about the Canadian Charter of Rights that need to be dispelled, and why people are winning in court using the Canadian Bill of Rights instead.

Rebecca Sheppard started Stand4THEE in 2020 with two other co-founders. She has since branched…

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Shadoe Davis - There are More of Us Than You Think - [King Hero Interview]

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Join independent Winnipeg radio host, Shadoe Davis, and myself for a King Hero's Journey to talk about what inspired him to break away from the mainstream and join what our prime minister, JT, has called the "small fringe minority". We will geek out on what it's like to be part of the media, the responsibility it carries and how to recognize controlled op and deal with divisive factions in the truth movement.

Going live Wednesday at 3:00 PM CDT!

Watch on Rokfin


Find the other 180+ …

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StarForts, Twisted Time, and Hidden Civilizations - Autodidactic and Jackoline Milne [King Hero Interview]

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Join a live interview with the host of auto didactic, Cambell Purvis Monday the 28th at 5 pm CDT. Jackoline Milne will cohost to chime in on star forts, the timeline, and the lost civilization of Tartaria.

The history we have been given is quite provably false. With megalithic structures across the earth, giant skeletons and skulls being found and then disappearing and maps showing pre-ice age coastlines the true story of man is clearly much different than what we have been led to believe.
Join m…

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The Business of Law - T.J. Marrs [King Hero Interview]

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Do the business of law right, STOP volunteering, and get your freedom back. 

Join a King Hero interview with the creator of, T.J. Marrs at 3 PM CDT, Friday March 25th!

Over the past 25 + years T.J. Marrs has has helped 100’s of individuals in handling their own legal matters, and participated and coached on over 300 real estate transactions combined as a licensed Real Estate Agent, Oregon & Washington licensed Mortgage Broker & Mortgage Banker, and real estate investor, and…

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The Wheat From the Chaff [King Hero Interview with Petra McLoughlin]

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Join coach Petra McLoughlin and myself for a King Hero's Journey livestream, Tuesday March 22, 5 PM CDT to talk about why sometimes the thing the you need to quit quits you, and how that can be the best thing ever. I know I'm very familiar with this!!

In her own words:

"I help those that have been kicked by the division tactics rampant in the past two years go from feeling like their world is leaving them behind, to seeing that it's the best thing that can happen to them.

Having been abandoned by m…

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The Biblical Basis for Private Membership Associations - Jackoline Milne [King Hero Interview]

Join Jackoline and myself for a livestream at 4 PM CST FRIDAY MARCH 18  to talk about how law, life, and spirit are aligning and the instructions found in the Bible about going into the private with Private Membership Associations. 

She is going to announce Jackie's introductory workshop on creating your own PMA as well. Save the date, March 30, 7 PM CST!! And we're also going to talk about what you may not know about the Bar Association, and what they DO NOT want you to know.

Find Jackoli…

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Going on the Offence in Law - Amanda Ridding [King Hero Interview]

amanda riding

Join Amanda Ridding, of Stand4Thee, and myself for a King Hero live interview (Wednesday, March 16 at 3 PM CST) to show legal victories in Canada, and how people are getting stuck. She will talk about contract law and how to navigate it including with a promisary estopple that a form of conditional acceptance.

In addition, she's going to share her strategies and methods for going on the offense with court process using the Canadian Bill of Rights, and Section 25 of the Criminal Code that protec…

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Scientist Speaks Out About the Hidden Sides of Biotech - Mike Donio [King Hero Interview]

Mike Donio(2)

Biotech scientist, Mike Donio was fired for his refusal to comply with injection mandates. Join him and myself for a deep dive into why he's now speaking out against the industry, how trusting the science is exactly what we shouldn't do, and what the scientific method really is.

He's going to show us the unknown mechanism for most approved drugs, and improper models and artifacts of preparation, insider knowledge about the reproducibility crises, cancer, viruses, and fraudulent tests. Mike's ai…

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