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Our Rights and Freedoms - What That Means

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Reflections, Rantings, and My Connection with Stefan Aarnio (RIP)


 “An investment in knowledge is the most important investment you will ever make.”

– Stefan Aarnio


Stefan Aarnio had a powerful effect on the world around him. In this video I pay my respects to this King Hero and discuss my connection to Stefan and how he became my mentor and helped support me on this journey. 

I also discuss the turmoil that is occurring in our world today and ideas for steps we can take to come together and support each other in these...

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The Creator Did Not Give You a Spirit of Fear- King Hero Interview With Author, Wayne McCroy

faith over fear2.jpg

This interview with Wayne McCroy,  was super deep and humbling to me as well.

We talked about alchemy, why transhumanism is an abomination of that, his trials of almost watching his child die from vaccine injury, the normalization and truth about autism, metaphysical consent and how to win this spiritual war. Wayne also reflects on his reasons for writing his books and his desire to ensure his children have a future worth living in. This King Hero stands in his truth for the benefit of...

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A Farmer's Heroic Work is Never Done - Joel Weber's King Hero's Journey Interview


Discover how he overcame major trials and tribulations looking after his family and bringing the food to the people.

Check out the interview with intrepid Manitoba farmer, Joel Weber! 

Find Joel Weber and Fresh Forage at:

If you're in Winnipeg, hit the contact button on the Fresh Forage website to take him up on his offer of one free micro-greens delivery right to your door Tell him you heard him on the King Hero's Journey Podcast!

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What To Do With Rebel "NO" Energy

just plain hot.jpg

Be a Rebel With A Cause

Rebel with a cause and professional Alchemist, Benjamin Balderson joined me for this conversation today about the concrete things you can do to effectively use your "NO" energy.

There are some awesome gems in here including actionable steps!!!


This Friday May 8 we are joining together to discuss the Rebel in my archetype study group, Journey + Freedom that is free when you order my book, Journey: A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea...

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