Jean-Serge Brisson: Travelling From Point A to Point B [King Hero Interview]


The Flip From Rights to Privileges

Talking to the author of Tea Party of One, Jean-Serge Brisson, the other day I learned that here in Canada travelling as a right was flipped into driving as a privilege in 1984 (not that long ago!).

Why did they flip it? Because they know a right cannot be charged for or taxed. But a privilege can.

In this second interview with Jean-Serge who has gone head-to-head with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and won, we will talk about the ways you can navigate and take yourself off of the low hanging fruit list the government feasts on when it comes to moving freely on the earth as God intends.

Join us live February 3, 12:30 PM CST

Jean-Serge's Bio:

Jean-Serge Brisson (born June 28, 1954) is a Canadian political activist, tax reform advocate, politician, and author. He is a former leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada , and from 2000 to 2008 was elected as a municipal councillor in Russell Twp, his hometown of Embrun is in that TWP. He gained national notoriety in the 1990s for his opposition to businesses being forced to collect the provincial sales tax (PST) without being remunerated.

Brisson was born in Embrun , Ontario, a small village to the east of Ottawa and raised on a dairy farm. He describes his early experiences with jobs and bosses to have put him off from ever being able to work for a boss, wanting to instead start his own business and be his own boss. He first apprenticed as a radiator technician and, in 1974, opened his own company in Embrun, Independent Radiator Co.

In the early 1990s, Brisson refused to continue collecting the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) putting forward the idea to the then New Democratic Party of Bob Rae, that collection of any money by small business for any government is slavery.

Brisson said he never agreed to be hired as a tax collector for the provincial government, but if he was going to be doing their work, he expected to be paid the same as other provincial tax collectors.

Brisson documented his experience in his book titled Tea Party of One: All Governments Invited. In 1994, Brisson claims to have ceased filing income takes returns.



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