Dr. Barre Lando: The Yin and Yang of the Nervous and Metabolic Systems [King Hero Interview]

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In this King Hero interview repeat guest Dr. Barre Lando, the founder of Alfa Vedic, is coming on for another talk, this time about the how the nervous system and the metabolism work together.

In Barre’s very outside-the-box view of the human body and energy systems this will no doubt be a huge eye opener into the inner workings at both physical, electric, and etheric levels.

In this livestream I’m going to ask him about what feeds and nourishes the nervous system and why. We’ll discuss what metabolism is, how the foods we eat and other factors affect it, and again, how to nourish and give it life. No doubt we will learn how these two systems work together perfectly, like two sides of the same whole, yin and yang.

And I’m curious what he will share about how these two systems are under attack and how to mitigate the damage.

Join us live Tuesday, August 8th at noon CDT or catch the recording below!

Watch on Rofkin, Fakebook, or Youtube below.


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