Amandha Vollmer and Dean Clifford: Private Contracts and Public Enemies [King Hero Interview]

thumbnail Amanda Vollmer and Dean Clifford
Join us April 22nd at 5 PM CDT for a meeting of great minds when Amandha Vollmer and Dean Clifford are coming on the King Hero’s Journey!!

We will be discussing the nature of private contracts, Private Membership Associations, the building of functioning community for what is in store ahead of us, how our public associations may see this as a threat, and how to best deal with it if conflict arises.

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Rebecca Sheppard - Travel in Canada, NoLs, and Busting the Charter Myths [King Hero Interview]

Rebecca Shepherd thumbnail
Join Stand4Thee's Rebecca Sheppard and myself for a King Hero interview Friday April 1st at 1:00 PM CDT!

We're going to talk about travel restrictions and what can be done about them, how they use their Notice of Liability, the myths that are going around about the Canadian Charter of Rights that need to be dispelled, and why people are winning in court using the Canadian Bill of Rights instead.

Rebecca Sheppard started Stand4THEE in 2020 with two other co-founders. She has since branched…

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The Business of Law - T.J. Marrs [King Hero Interview]

TJ Marrs thumbnail

Do the business of law right, STOP volunteering, and get your freedom back. 

Join a King Hero interview with the creator of, T.J. Marrs at 3 PM CDT, Friday March 25th!

Over the past 25 + years T.J. Marrs has has helped 100’s of individuals in handling their own legal matters, and participated and coached on over 300 real estate transactions combined as a licensed Real Estate Agent, Oregon & Washington licensed Mortgage Broker & Mortgage Banker, and real estate investor, and…

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Going on the Offence in Law - Amanda Ridding [King Hero Interview]

amanda riding

Join Amanda Ridding, of Stand4Thee, and myself for a King Hero live interview (Wednesday, March 16 at 3 PM CST) to show legal victories in Canada, and how people are getting stuck. She will talk about contract law and how to navigate it including with a promisary estopple that a form of conditional acceptance.

In addition, she's going to share her strategies and methods for going on the offense with court process using the Canadian Bill of Rights, and Section 25 of the Criminal Code that protec…

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Why the State of Emergency Makes the Canadian Bill of Rights More Powerful with Shade Stone and Jane Scharf

Why The State Of Emergency
Join champions in Canadian law coming to us from Ottawa, Shade Stone and Jane Scharf of Stand4Thee tonight at 7:30 PM CST to talk about the state of emergency called by our Prime Minister and why the Canadian Bill of Rights and the International Covenant are even more powerful that it's been called. This is a very important message that needs to get out. Please help share this out far and wide!!

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Dr. Barre Lando - The Waveform Mechanics of Growing [King Hero Interview]

barre lando khj thumbnail - wave form mechanics of growing

We are nearly up to our armpits in snow here in Canada, but the increasing light and warmth from the sun despite chilling temps made me think of having Dr. Barre Lando on my podcast for a conversation about growing - food, the land, health, and the soul.

I'm going to ask Barre about the nature of stem cells, DNA, seeds, germinating, sprouting, and how the same principles of life apply within and without.

Join live 3:00 PM Friday Feb. 25th when interview Dr. Barre Lando, creator of Alfa Vedic…

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Cal Washington - Family Law in the Private Workshop Replay

png Family Law Workshop with Cal Washington
Recently I hosted a family law workshop with the co-creator of InPower Movement and veteran of the family ill legal system, Cal Washington, to discover why you should if at all possible stay out of family court, how to best protect children from the legal system in marriage and couples' disputes, and where to seek justice.

He's generously given me permission to share it here on my channels, please share with families who are suffering.

In this workshop you'll learn:

- Predictable stats and science …

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Cal Washington and Alphonse Faggiolo: When Kings Collaborate [King Hero Interview]

AFaggiolo and CWashington KHI Thumbnail

In my two years of study of legal and lawful corruption and looking for ways to navigate it in these crucial times, Cal Washington, co-creator of InPower Movement, and Alphonse Faggiolo, champion in helping people use court procedure, have been 'go to' King Heroes with vast knowledge and lived experience for us to draw upon.

They hold what appears to be opposing view points when it comes to the birth certificate and strawman fiction that is said to bind us in the public arena. The purpose of th…

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Shade Stone: Where Law and Love Collide Part II [King Hero Interview]

Slade Stone Part II KH Interview

Join us Friday at 3:00 PM, CST to speak with Canadian champion in law, Shade Stone, for Part II of Where Law & Love Collide. He's going to be speaking about a recent court win using the Canadian Bill of Rights (not the Canadian Charter!).

About Shade:

Shade Stone is a Christian Canadian Musician that departed from the secular music scene in 2015 to pursue a life of Biblical Principles after recognizing that Canada as a Nation was going in a dark direction.  Not desiring to continue on the same…

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Synchronizing the Power of Love - Rant and Reflection


Join me live at 1:45 PM CST for a personal 'rant and reflection' on what we may not have seen before, but can see now, and how the soul of our brothers and sisters is collectively coming into the true power that is love.

Watch on Rokfin

Listen on Anchor

Find the oSynchronizing the Power of Love - Rant and Reflectionther 150+ King Hero's Journey interviews and personal rants here:


Join Primal Power God's Law starting Jan 30:

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