Amanda Ridding and Alphonse Faggiolo: Show me the Rule [King Hero Jam Session]


show me the rule

I’m stoked for a King Hero jam with two of my go-to peeps in the legal world. They are two peas in a pod - feisty, not going to take it anymore, and they help everyone who comes to them empowered, ready to learn and take action.

Both Alphonse and Amanda are intrepid learners and ground breakers in self-representation, and court process. We’re going to hear about new nuggets of law gold that are getting results, and see what new synergy gets created when they come together for the second time on the KHJ.

Going live Thursday the 18th, 2 PM CDT

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About Beth Martens

For business coach, archetype reader, author, coach trainer, and founder of the House of Free Will Ministry, Beth Martens, her calling is a life or death thing. After a decade as a corporate VP in her family’s firm, 8 trips182632561_4805913829426998_608147959438377533_n to India, and a 3-year battle with cancer 20 years ago, she used archetypes to save her life.

Today she helps truth lovers find their sacred purpose, be valued for their life’s work, and survive the ordeals of their Hero's Journey. As recovering feminist, she is passionate about hosting the King Hero's Journey podcast highlighting leaders, entrepreneurs, movement makers, and purveyors of the truth. 

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