Navigating the Wilderness, Surviving the Monkey-demic and Other Updates [Personal Rant]

June 2019-100

Join me for an informal community chat to talk about how to navigate the wilderness and some updates on what's on the horizon.


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The Bigger the Lie The Easier It Is to Believe - With Cambell Purvis and David Weiss

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Today!! (Monday April 11th, 5 PM CDT) FE champion, David Weiss and Autodidactic's Cambell Purvis are joining me to talk about the merits of deprogramming from the cosmological and historical lies we are fed. 

We're going to dive in with Star Forts, Tartaria, missing time and history, as well as why one of the biggest lies of all remains unseen by many.

Check out David at:

Autodidactic on YouTube:

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Breaking News! [Primal Power God's Law edition course is born]

podcast screen shot beth

Here's an announcement about the upcoming Primal Power, God's Law edition for lovers of truth, justice and God-given power, that I trust will be of big service to our community.

For the first time ever in Primal Power I'm hosting it with a guest teacher, Jackoline Milne, and offering it by donation given the fact that everyone needs the law and the Bible at this time AND we're moving out of Babylon into our own system of giving each other our value.

Enjoy, this was a bunch of fun for me! 


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Jackoline Milne - Archetypes in the Bible [King Hero Interview]

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Join Jackoline Milne, long-time student of the Bible who has avoided religious indoctrination, and myself, for a discussion about archetypes in the Bible, what their patterns may be code for, and how to find the pinholes of light that are there to shine through in these dark times. She will be joining me as a guest teacher for the Primal Power God's Law edition course coming up soon!

Llive Friday, January 7 at 2 PM CST


Jackoline Milne, Metis, married woman of 3 children, raised in the N…

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The Feminine, the Millstone, and Liability With Jackoline Milne

Jackie Milne YT Thumbnail

Join Jackoline and myself at 2 PM CST for this live stream inspired by her tenaciously held spirit of the truth. On her journey she's become knowledgeable on many subjects including the law and the Bible.

Many have criticized the Bible for it's failing to represent the feminine. We will discuss what Jackie knows to the contrary from 9 verses in the Bible that mention the word "millstone" and what Jesus said using this word.

We will also talk about what her life has taught her about expressing …

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Chance Garton - Stealth and Grace [King Hero Interview]

Chance Garton KH YTube

Discovering Grace through the Virtues and Shadows of Stealth

Join Beth and her guest, podcaster and frequent guest on Unslaved, Chance Garton for an unscripted conversation on the virtues and shadows of stealth, and how its virtues lead to grace for this King Hero Interview on Monday, July 5 at 4:00pm CDT.

Visit Chance at:


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Benjamin Balderson: The Photovoltaic Universe and Goat Love

insta ben balderson King Hero Interview
Join us Thursday for a talk about the electric universe that Benjamin Balderson, my favourite Alchemist, has been hard at work to bring to light.

Check out his YouTube:



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Virtual Unreality - Artificial Archons & Gnostic Ascension Programs With Chance Garton

virtual unreality insta

Join the host of Innerverse, Chance Garton and I live at 3:30 PM, CDT Wednesday April 21st!

Chance links the negative/corrupted aspects of Gnosticism to the phenomenon of scientific materialism and its pseudo-gnostic offspring, simulation theory.

In video games the "Gnostic Program" is heavey, and they represent the creation of the artificial demiurge lower world through the digital realm hardcore gamers live in.

And society is becoming a game. 


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To Conflict or Not Conflict - A Personal Rant and Reflection


Join me for an open discussion on how to navigate in a time of unprecedented divide with honour and integrity.


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Live Oracle Card Reading by Beth

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Just for fun!!!

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