The Feminine, the Millstone, and Liability With Jackoline Milne

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Join Jackoline and myself at 2 PM CST for this live stream inspired by her tenaciously held spirit of the truth. On her journey she's become knowledgeable on many subjects including the law and the Bible.

Many have criticized the Bible for it's failing to represent the feminine. We will discuss what Jackie knows to the contrary from 9 verses in the Bible that mention the word "millstone" and what Jesus said using this word.

We will also talk about what her life has taught her about expressing liability, standing up for hers and others rights, and walking in justice with the holy word.

Check out more in her bio below.

Jackoline Milne, Metis, married woman of 3 children, raised in the NWT, is the founder of a farm school training program for integrated regenerative farming systems and methods. For it she was honored by the Governor General and given a special medal, MSM, which is the highest honor a civilian can receive. 

In addition she is a 20 year survivor of an active and dangerous personality cult here in Canada. They snagged her as a young adult just out of high-school when she moved south. Visit her YouTube channel for her videos explaining how much she learned from those years and how she woke up to the crime that were happening in the cult.

As a result of pointing out the liability they were unaware of assuming, major changes were made in the cult. Thus this story is a type of proof about bringing awareness to liability in the private that she hopes others to understand about our current and active, social coercion event. 





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