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Cal Washington - Family Law in the Private Workshop Replay

png Family Law Workshop with Cal Washington
Recently I hosted a family law workshop with the co-creator of InPower Movement and veteran of the family ill legal system, Cal Washington, to discover why you should if at all possible stay out of family court, how to best protect children from the legal system in marriage and couples' disputes, and where to seek justice.

He's generously given me permission to share it here on my channels, please share with families who are suffering.

In this workshop you'll learn:

- Predictable stats and science …

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Cal Washington and Alphonse Faggiolo: When Kings Collaborate [King Hero Interview]

AFaggiolo and CWashington KHI Thumbnail

In my two years of study of legal and lawful corruption and looking for ways to navigate it in these crucial times, Cal Washington, co-creator of InPower Movement, and Alphonse Faggiolo, champion in helping people use court procedure, have been 'go to' King Heroes with vast knowledge and lived experience for us to draw upon.

They hold what appears to be opposing view points when it comes to the birth certificate and strawman fiction that is said to bind us in the public arena. The purpose of th…

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Shade Stone: Where Law and Love Collide Part II [King Hero Interview]

Slade Stone Part II KH Interview

Join us Friday at 3:00 PM, CST to speak with Canadian champion in law, Shade Stone, for Part II of Where Law & Love Collide. He's going to be speaking about a recent court win using the Canadian Bill of Rights (not the Canadian Charter!).

About Shade:

Shade Stone is a Christian Canadian Musician that departed from the secular music scene in 2015 to pursue a life of Biblical Principles after recognizing that Canada as a Nation was going in a dark direction.  Not desiring to continue on the same…

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Synchronizing the Power of Love - Rant and Reflection


Join me live at 1:45 PM CST for a personal 'rant and reflection' on what we may not have seen before, but can see now, and how the soul of our brothers and sisters is collectively coming into the true power that is love.

Watch on Rokfin

Listen on Anchor

Find the oSynchronizing the Power of Love - Rant and Reflectionther 150+ King Hero's Journey interviews and personal rants here:


Join Primal Power God's Law starting Jan 30:

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Dr. Frederick Graves - The Gospel Mystery Hidden From the Ages [King Hero Interview]

Dr. Graves KH Interview Thumbnail

Join Dr. Frederick Graves, lawyer, author, musician and creator of the very popular Jurisdictionary course, and myself, for a King Hero interview on how:

“The Gospel Mystery unlocks the deep things of God. The Gospel Mystery is Love past understanding.The Gospel Mystery replaces religiosity, challenges “churchianity”, destroys devisive doctrinal differences, tears down strongholds of men’s traditions, pulls pride from its pulpit, and sets souls free from fear by securing certain assurance of Go…

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The Fall of an Empire: New Federal Court of Canada Ruling [King Hero Interview with Glenn Bogue and Jackoline Milne]]

fall of an empire thumbnail

HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Join us 4 PM CST TODAY for details of the new Federal Court of Canada ruling, as per the ASKIT tribunal, who ordered the crown to produce a treaty title to the land or leave the land. And now it's gone to the Federal Court of Appeal, stay tuned.

With special guests Indigenous Lawyer, Glenn Bogue, Jason LaFace, organizer of the Freedom Convoy 2022, and to speak to the historical patterns of empires falling, award-winning regenerative agriculture expert, Jackoline Milne.


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Shade Stone: Where Law and Love Collide [King Hero Interview]

Shade Stone KH Interview

Join us Friday at 1:30 PM, CST to speak with Canadian champion in law, Shade Stone, to talk about why the Canadian Charter is useless for legal and lawful documents, and how to use the Canadian Bill of Rights instead.

We will talk about practical ways to navigate the situations people find themselves in, and the powerful Christian faith he upholds as the basis for the freedom fight.

About Shade:

Shade Stone is a Christian Canadian Musician that departed from the secular music scene in 2015 to p…

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Freedom Convoy 2022 [Organizer, Jason LaFace - King Hero Interview]

Jason Freedom Convoy (1)

The Canadian Tide is Turning!!

The past 48 hours have been extraordinary as Canada stands up against the Canadian mandates on truckers that has has put the people's supply chains under severe risk.

Speaking with a Manitoba trucker joining the convoy I learned there are 150,000 trucks hitting the road en route to Ottawa where they will park until the mandates are lifted.

They they say it's is not about the poison injection mandates, this is about putting a stop to this assault on freedom on be…

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Breaking News! [Primal Power God's Law edition course is born]

podcast screen shot beth

Here's an announcement about the upcoming Primal Power, God's Law edition for lovers of truth, justice and God-given power, that I trust will be of big service to our community.

For the first time ever in Primal Power I'm hosting it with a guest teacher, Jackoline Milne, and offering it by donation given the fact that everyone needs the law and the Bible at this time AND we're moving out of Babylon into our own system of giving each other our value.

Enjoy, this was a bunch of fun for me! 


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Jackoline Milne - Archetypes in the Bible [King Hero Interview]

Copy of Jackie Milne YT Thumbnail

Join Jackoline Milne, long-time student of the Bible who has avoided religious indoctrination, and myself, for a discussion about archetypes in the Bible, what their patterns may be code for, and how to find the pinholes of light that are there to shine through in these dark times. She will be joining me as a guest teacher for the Primal Power God's Law edition course coming up soon!

Llive Friday, January 7 at 2 PM CST


Jackoline Milne, Metis, married woman of 3 children, raised in the N…

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