Topher Gardner Live from Anarchapulco: Sculpting Bodies, Buildings and Microorganisms [King Hero Interview]

Topher Gardner Live from Anarchapulco Sculpting Bodies, Buildings and Microorganisms

Join us live from Anarchapulco on RokfinRumbleYouTubeX and Fakebook on Wednesday, February 14th at 1:30 PM CST.

Topher's bio:

Topher Gardner is a professional sculptor of curved ferro-cement buildings and the human body. His chiral phenomenology has led him into the Permaculture world where the BioDynamic principles of Rudolf Steiner predominate. Making deep black soil with the carbon amendment of BioChar, which is pyrolised carbon, gives the ground the correct substrate for beneficial micro-organisms. His goal is to appropriately signal the Natural World as to induce a higher quality life.


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Am so glad you posted this!  Rudolf Steiner is definitely a ground-breaking (haha) pioneer and his teachings are worth learning as much as possible about.  Hope you're enjoying the sun and having a splendid time! 

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Beth Martens

Hi love, sorry it's hard for me to respond to my own comments for some reason lol I really loved hanging out with Topher, he's a gem. Thanks for your good wishes, right back at ya! I imagine it's spring-like where you are? xoxo 

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