Alphonse Faggiolo and Amanda Ridding: Moving Mountains in Law [KingHero Interview]

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Join a power-packed King Hero livestream with Alphonse Faggiolo and Amanda Ridding who have both been tirelessly helping people to navigate broken laws and court procedures that will bring remedy.

Alphonse has attracted a number of Canadian followers, but because court procedure changes from place to place, he was excited to hear about Amanda helping us with tyranical rulers in Canada in the courts.

When he said, "She sounds like a female me," I knew I needed to introduce them and get them together to collaborate for all of our benefit.

One of Stand4Thee's warriors, Amanda Ridding, in Canada ( explains how she got into law.

"I started self educating myself in law because I did not like the way people were constantly being "railroaded" for minor things while criminals were not being pursued at all. Thefts we reported would go uninvestigated along with other such issues. After I started trying to learn more, I started to became that victim of frivolous civil charges, those that subjected you to fines. When that began, I pushed harder to keep learning how to defend my rights.

I have always enjoyed helping people. However, to say it's wholly altruistic I think would be misleading. While I do get a feeling of well-being helping others by sharing my knowledge and helping them to see the bigger picture so they can make the best, most informed decision for themselves, I also recognize that by sharing my knowledge to empower those around me will help me preserve my own Freedom now and in the future.

The Canadians I have met who are eager to learn, who are ready to assert their rights, they give me hope! Seeing so many from all walks of life come together as I have, unifying and identifying as CANADIAN, not a specific walk of life, THAT gives me hope and Joy!

Alphonse Faggiolo: He needs no introduction for his expertise, fearlessness, and will to help his community in legal matters.

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