Inherent Signatory Hereditary Chief JD Anderson: Indigenous Sons & Daughters Rise [King Hero Interview]

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Join Chief JD Anderson and I, tomorrow, October 21st at 1pm CDT, to talk about how it is the Indigenous sons' & daughters' time to rise.

Be witness to this important, historic, and epic shift of power away from the corrupt de facto governments and hidden enemies, in these times of tyrannical takeover, threat, coercion, and genocide of the peoples.

In addition to standing at the helm of the freedom movement for his people and all nations, Inherent Signatory Hereditary Chief JD Anderson is also an Engineer Aid with the Department of Highways, self employed contractor, businessman, lobbyist, advisor to many municipal & provincial MLA’s, has sat on various boards & positions, Advisor (ad hoc), and held stewardship for MGEU, advisor to redrafting articles.

-Redrafted the 1982 Canadian Constitution,
-One of only two individuals to have passed a private members bill without holding a seat in the provincial legislature.
-Ran in provincial & municipal elections.

-Advisor to many indigenous organizations.
-Sat on board of directors of Pritchard House for 13 yrs,
-Headed up board of Winnipeg Native Alliance, advisor to Aboriginal Council & Mama Way,
-Late eighties was Urban Chief of Winnipeg, cofounder with Eric Robinson Tribal Council endorsed by AMC, other long term traditional ceremonial - cultural keeper of sacred ways.

"First Nation Indigenous Warriors Inc. Is a Registered non profit organization in the province of Manitoba. Although we are registered we receive no government funding! Everything the F.N.I.W does comes from their own resources... we are committed to helping our people and allies, we don't discriminate. Our main mandate is confronting racism and exposing it. We are out to bring awareness to issues that have been silent for way to long; we want to break the stereotypes and stigmas placed on the original people of Turtle Island by the colonizers. We are tired of the growing violence and discrimination that is happening to our First nations people. Systemic racism is alive and festering in this country and more then ever, our warriors are needed to defend the Women, Children and Elders. RISE UP!!! Whether if it's native on native violence or something else more disturbing. One thing for certain is that the F.N.I.W is here to stay and will confront and expose the issues that get ignored. No More Missing & Murdered, No More Discrimination, No More Violence, No More Fear. Let's bring change! Together we can all make change happen... it starts with just one. Stay positive young ones, you are the future.
Stay Strong & Warrior On!!!"

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Hi Beth, 

I'm new to your work and totally Love it! 

Have you heard about Christopher James from He's making progress with his work and would love to see you interview him. 

Have an awesome day.

God Bless.


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Beth Martens

Thank you Nicky, and welcome to my zone!! I have already interviewed Christopher James (search his name here in my blogs for the archive if you'd like to see it), and after months of watching his progress have decided not to pursue any more interviews. But I totally appreciate your suggestion!!

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