King Hero's Journey Podcast

Helping People From an Enlightened and Informed Position with King Hero, Sean (S.B.) Alger


People Don't Want to Be Punched in the Face With Truth

ivan-pergasi-iXADMgr42Iw-unsplash.jpgIn this interview podcaster, musician, and artist Sean (S.B.) Alger and I talked about waking up and how people don’t want to be punched in the face with the unknown.

It's a subtle thing, highly nuanced. And it takes finesse not to send people running the other direction.

The Nature of Awakening

We discussed the nature of awakening, cognitive dissonance and the pitfalls of helping others wake up.

The Perils of Caregi…

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Miguel Conner, A Voice for the Vilified - King Hero's Journey Podcast Interview


Miguel Conner, author, storyteller and host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio has been is a voice for the Gnostic world view that’s been vilified for centuries.

A culture of Gnosticism lives under the dark shadowy beings that don’t have our best interest.

Miguel is a professional story teller in the form of novels, non-fiction books and even marketing. But of all of his many achievements he’s most proud of raising 5 children to bring about a better world.

He says we must create better than the crea…

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When the Alchemist Calls the King - Interview with Alchemy Expert, Phoenix Aurelius


Phoenix Aurelius is a professional spagyrist, practical alchemist and research academy leader.

Alchemy vs. Pharmaceutical Medicine

In this very in-depth interview we talked about how pharmaceutical medicine differs from natural and alchemical medicine, and how the ancient art of alchemy, inspired by the work of Paracelsus, is based on the five root causes of disease.

According to Phoenix archetypes as I use them are part of practical alchemy and exist in the astral plane.

conjunction-spiritual-alchemy-min.jpgPain is Gold

He ta…

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Turning the Pain of Responsibility into a Gift - Interview with Neil Auricchio

June 2019-70

“If I have a gift I have a responsibility to use that gift to help others.” - Neil Auricchio

Neil has the guts to ask for and expect success.

Today he is the owner of a venture capital company, multiple properties in multiple states, who also funds or backs other people’s businesses that want to expand for this King Hero’s Journey podcast episode.

He knew from that young age that he wanted to make people happy. Watching movies and listening to songs as a boy helped him raise his standard an…

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Stay in Your Land with Author, Broadcaster and Journalist, Joseph Battaglia

June 2019-128

Stay in Your Land

In this inspiring King Hero Interview with author, broadcaster and journalist, Joseph Battaglia and I talked about how to "stay in your land" and why it’s a place of rest rather than stress.

He says that if you’re where you’re supposed to be, in your land, energy flows naturally to you.

You serve the greatest, by doing what comes naturally.

It's Never Too Late

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to change -- even if you have to sacrifice some things to achieve…

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The True Nature of Pleasure - Interview With Author, James True

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 10.51.35 AM

Scratching The Surface of the Hedonist Archetype

Here's what author of the "Technology of Belief", James True and I talked about in this interview.

The relationship of smell to pleasure.

Find out exactly why the fragrance industry can capitalize on being associated with particular scents. Know why you should avoid chemical scents altogether, and how perfume is a sigil of the senses, claiming ownership over sense information.

The Judo move of illogically assuming responsibility for everything…

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The Technology of Belief - King Hero Interview with James True


Why People Need to Stop Just Anything

In this King Hero interview, author of his latest of 3 books, the Technology of joao-silas-I_LgQ8JZFGE-unsplash.jpgBelief, James and I talked about how belief is the most valuable commodity there is. It's why people need to stop just anything.

A New "Dress" Every 20 Years

He shows how every 20 years the same Globalist Agenda wears a different “dress” to get people to subscribe to things with their belief without realizing it. He traces the use of this technolo…

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When Life Calls You to the Impossible

Sometimes women are the King Heroes in their world.

Because we live in unnatural times, there are a lot of women called to leadership by the King archetype.

It would be more natural for them to nurture their families in God’s paradise. But the family is the big casualty in this war we’re in. And in the midst of humanity’s crises they are instead shouldering great responsibility and taking risks well beyond the care of their own families and communities.

Responsibility is the true meaning of p…

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Life and Death Adventures with Freedom Fighter, Jeff Berwick - A King Hero Interview

June 2019-19

When Purpose Becomes an Exercise in Survival

Find out how Jeff Berwick, the creator of the biggest freedom conference, in the world survived a multi-million dollar melt down, the near-death sinking of a sail boat and a business partner attempting suicide, all in the name of freedom.

In this King Hero interview we talked about how he handles the stress of high risk, high stakes entrepreneurialism and going against the grain of mainstream society.

He talks candidly about how he managed to get o…

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King Hero Interview with Jeff Brown, Author and Enrealment Expert


Grounded Leadership

I know first hand the cost of having an ungrounded spirituality, it nearly cost me my life.

So it was really refreshing to find the work of Jeff Brown nearly a decade ago. He was a pioneer in the world of his self-coined movement called 'SoulShaping' that challenged the new age propaganda that has everyone vacating their bodies, their thoughts and their common sense.

In this King Hero interview we talked about...

  • When a writer has to write.
  • What a path of purpose is an…

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