Brandon Sterling: Financial Collapse Psyop Part 2 [King Hero Interview]


In Part one of this interview we discussed how in 2020 the repeat doomsday reel that played through history got me, specifically the financial collapse that has everyone running like chickens with their heads CUT OFF.

Watch Part 1 Here:

In this interview we're going to go through all of the doomsdayer talking points, break them down, and showcase the real data that is proving them all wrong. We'll cover gold & silver myths, how economies and markets actually work, how the US going after cryptos, the BRICS myths, the new bull market, what a hedge actually is, and the potential to improve our lives if we know how to use markets to our advantage.

Brandon says, “The markets aren't rigged. Our perception and influenced thought patterns are rigged to our disadvantage.”

Going live June 28th, noon CDT!

Check out his website and Telegram for current events and videos.

Website: (



Watch live on Rokfin, YouTube or Fakebook.

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