Brandon Sterling: Financial Collapse Psyop? [King Hero Interview]


In 2020 the repeat doomsday reel that plays through history got me, not before, but all of a sudden they had my attention.

The biggest message I took in was about the financial collapse which I thought all the “normies” didn’t see coming through the haze of covid.

In this interview we’re going to talk about what is much more likely happening in the economy, compare it to the narrative, and talk about reasons why “they” want us to believe that the end is (always) near.

We will talk about the complex structure of banks as private trusts and their complex structure; and how crypto was originally designed for military use and why it couldn’t be further from decentralized.

And of course hot topic of the latest quarter, we’ll discuss the dreaded CBDC, reasons why it, according to Brandon can’t work. and the Bank of Canada survey on the CBDC, which in my opinion is a trap.

Finally, it’s possible we might talk about the book of Revelation and how it is interpreted might influence people’s willingness to participate in doomsday scams.

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Nathan Stephenson

Would have been glad to have given Clif $40 dollar & received a paperback copy of his book.  However, too many agreements to make.  Do not want to read/"sign".  

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Beth Martens

Hey Nathan I miss ya! I just ordered a copy by sending him a PayPal donation and included my address in the notes there. I’ll let you know if it works! 

Much 💕

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