The King Hero's Journey Archetype Quiz

Take 5 minutes to answer the questions and find out where you are on your path of purpose.


The quiz below will give you insight into, not just who you are, but where you are on the Hero's Journey. 

Answer the questions for right now in your life and you will get a right now picture of where to focus your effort in deprogramming and releasing the shadows so you can see changes in your relationships, health, career, finances and, most importantly, sacred purpose.

Once you complete the questions and put in your email so I know you're not a bot, your archetype will appear on screen. I won't be sending your results so please take a screen shot or make a note! 

Once you learn your archetype you can watch the videos of the individual gifts and shadows of the eight stages of the King Hero path of freedom.

You can find videos about all eight Archetypes below,
or if you prefer to watch them on social media, there are playlists on
YouTube & Rokfin

The Child Archetype

The Rebel Archetype

The Warrior Archetype

The Nurturer Archetype

The Lover Archetype

The Hedonist Archetype

The King Archetype

The Alchemist Archetype

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