Chance Garton and Gabriel Peter: The Art of Verbal Judo [King Hero Interview]

Chance Garton and Gabriel Peter the Art of Verbal Judo

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Join the hosts of Innerverse Podcast, Chance Garton and Gabriel Peter for an in-depth interview about how to avoid physical altercation by learning verbal judo!

Verbal Judo is the training manual in verbal redirection, de-escalation, and persuasion methods to prevent and/or tactically negotiate a range of conflict scenarios, aimed to curtail need for physical engagement. Popularized primarily for training police on how to maintain the psychological upper hand, uphold policy standards, and to gain voluntary compliance while minimizing likelihood of further or even incidental provocation.

It's author, Dr. George (the Rino) Thompson, boasts a PHD from Princeton with affluence and familiarity on the magical grimoire Ars Notoria.  His early seminars were highly animated motivational confessions (of a sort) instructing exactly how to use the "black magic of control" by virtue of extracting "the enemy's name". 

His personality as a rapid magic tutor and police instructor is quite commanding and unforgettable.  He is, to those who recall, reminiscent of many 80s and 90s icons such as Sargent Slaughter from both GI Joe and WWF.  Furthermore, we hope to reveal, his spirited influence has been embedded into other childhood nemesis characters, with a cunning and deeply meaningful revelation of method consummated by the Thoth Deck's Adjustment card number 8 (no longer called Justice number 11).

Chance’s bio:

Chance Garton is the host of InnerVerse, a podcast dedicated to prying open your third ear and showing you the reality of perpetual synchronicity. With 8 years of experience in podcasting, Chance has developed an effortless ability to maintain a positive vibe in conversational flow states. His knowledge in a wide variety of subjects allows him to see connections that others miss. Chance is also a Biofield Tuner and seasoned energy worker & divination specialist, having helped hundreds of people around the world heal and align their mind and body. His consistent efforts at researching language, symbolism and mythology fill his conversations with fresh insights.

Gabriel's bio:

Gabriel Peters is a Father (of a kind rebel spirit), a lifelong martial artist, massage therapist, and philosophic frontiersman.  His highly informed and low tech adventurous bridgebuilding blazes essoteric trails respectfully through cultural worldviews and dichotomies to inspire a higher standard of appreciating the many psycic mountaineers that passed through the treelines before us and those yet to come.  His self initiated dives into astronomy, history, and Tarot systems have tapped deeply to the substratum of the syncro-mythical formulaic alchemy to unriddle only so much social engineering, and extract appreciable correspondence of many programs on offer in the vast Sea of Lex Murcatoria.  His systems have harnessed the Enneagram's Vices, Virtues, and freedom of association to fortify and renovate our vessels for hightened imaginative pragmatism.  He also loves to dance.


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