Mike Wilkerson (Stelium7) - Hacking Hidden History, Biology, and Cosmology [King Hero Interview]

Mike Wilkerson (Stelium7) - Hacking Hidden History, Biology, and Cosmology

Join us live on Thursday, May 2nd at noon CDT on Rokfin, RumbleYouTubeX, Fakebook and Vigilante.

Mike Wilkerson, who was a speaker at Anarchapulco 2024, is an independent researcher with emphasis on non-standard cosmologies, alternative/hidden history, gigantism, catastrophism, 'biogeology' and rapid petrification. 

In this King Hero interview we will discuss hidden history, biology, geology and cosmology, and how it has changed and benefited him.

Mike’s bio: 

For over a decade, Mike Wilkerson has worked as a chiropractor in Spain, where his mission has been to help improve health one spine and mind at a time.

Mike has always asked unconventional questions. As a teen computer hobbyist turned hacker in the early 80s, his thirst for deeper knowledge led to wild adventures with some of the top hackers in the nation. In 1985, the fun ended with brief incarceration, for his infiltration of computer servers at Microsoft and three other Seattle corporations. Interest in examining the 'unquestionables' never waned.

In the decades that followed, Mike evolved from mischievous hacker, to benevolent back-cracker and in recent years an independent researcher. His research and presentations are available on the Stellium7 YouTube channel.


Livestreams: https://www.youtube.com/@Stellium7/streams 

Unveiling a Titan series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6WEhQPTQUSXKpXbJoJjlhNJHhFI_qdHE 


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