Miguel Conner: The Shadow Side of Gnosticism [King Hero Interview]

Miguel Conner The Shadow Side of Gnosticism

Join the host of the epic Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio, Miguel Conner, and myself for a discussion about where Gnosticism goes dark live on Thursday, April 18th at 3:45 PM CDT on Rokfin, RumbleYouTubeX and Fakebook.

In this third appearance on the King Hero’s Journey, Miguel will talk about what that shadow side of Gnosticism is, how it’s influencing the people, and what they need to know to stay out of that trap. 

We will also jam on Elvis and Miguel’s next book release, and the idea of an individual being an illusion, which he says plays into individualism, and anarchism. 

Bio in Miguel’s Voice:

Hey there, my name is Miguel Conner. My life’s quest is to inspire others so they may find their authentic selves and artistic potential.

I am the host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio, a popular show that takes audiences from ancient mysteries to a modern meaning. My articles and fiction have appeared in publications such as The Gnostic Journal, The Heretic, Mindscape, Reality Sandwich, and many others, including being an Author of the Month for Graham Hancock’s website.

My books include the critically acclaimed Voices of Gnosticism (Bardic Press) and the post-apocalyptic vampire epic series, The Dark Instinct Trilogy (Warner Books/AB Press), as well as the fantasy novel The Executioner’s Daughter (Solstice Publishing). My bio on Elvis Presley, America’s Magician (Inner Traditions), will be released early in 2025

I have lectured/appeared at such events as The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, The Alan Eisenberg Show (AM 1400 WRJN), Magick Radio (AM 1680 Chicago), Runesoup, Skeptiko, The Higherside Chats, and The Gnostic Countercultures Conference at Rice University.



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