Mark Archer: Our Times of Noah and Lot - Eclipse Edition [King Hero Interview]

Mark Archer Our Times of Noah and Lot - Eclipse Edition

Join this second interview with Bible translator and creator of, Mark Archer, live on Thursday, April 4th at 3:45 PM CDT on Rokfin, RumbleYouTubeX and Fakebook.

On the heels of the Easter celebrations, we will start off talking about Jesus at the crucifixion, and go on to learn about the times of Noah and Lot that Mark says we are now currently in.

We will talk about the significance of the highly anticipated April 8 total eclipse and see how it is part of this meaningful discussion that will no doubt challenge any commonly held beliefs about the Bible.

Learn more about Mark’s work at his website:

Mark’s Bio, he says, 

I am 63 years old. I was born into a semi Christian family. My mother was a Christian, but my father was not. My parents would take us children to a local church every Sunday, and at the age of 12 I became a Christian. I prayed for wisdom and knowledge. Before that I was doing poorly in school, but after I did dramatically better. After School, I joined the Army. I have since then had a fascination with the Bible and I became really interested in the original language of the Bible and when I would study the Bible I would study the Bible from it original language. I would always try to verify with the original language and definitions with what the pastors were preaching. 

In 1993, I went to a local bookstore to look up books about the new age movement and I found one that told me about a cipher code in the Torah of the Bible, which is the first five books of the Bible and contains 187 chapters and there is a separate code for each chapter and I had only one code, the first one. 

In 2001, I went to Tennessee for the feast of Tabernacles and I met a man and I felt led to share with him the code, and he told me that the code was put into the Bible by his people, and we began to discuss the code, but he never corrected me in regards to my translation of the code.  I learned a lot about how to translate the Bible by him, and I had begun to translate the first five books of the Bible.

I have published them on Amazon Kindle. I have also started a commentary of Genesis called “A Revelation of Genesis The First Messiah vol 1 The Adam Families”,  Vol 2 Choose With the  Living” and "Vol 3 The Days of Noach”.

I am presently working of Joshua and I have a website called where you can find a link to all my books.

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