ADV: The Untapped Healing Potential of Dimethyl Sulfoxide DMSO [King Hero Interview]

The Untapped Healing Potential of Dimethyl Sulfoxide DMSO - ADV

In this King Hero interview with ADV (Amandha Vollmer), live on Wednesday, November 1st at 5 PM CDT, we will be exploring the healing properties of DMSO - Dimethyl Sulfoxide. 

The author of "Healing with DMSO" and healing practitioner of many years of experience, Amandha will be talking about the history of how this substance was discovered to be a healing force, why it is actually safe and effective, where to be cautious, what conditions are best addressed with it, when not to use it, and how to know if it is working.

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Live at 5 PM CDT on Wednesday, November 1st! 

Watch on RofkinFakebook, or Youtube below.


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Enjoyed all of the questions and answers here today.  Met Amanda at Music & Sky this past summer ... a beautiful soul.  Glad to be here!

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I just watched the replay.  It was great, I learned a lot. 

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Beth Martens

@Margaret awesome 👏 

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