Rebecca Sheppard: The World Isn’t Going to Solve Itself [King Hero Interview]


As Rebecca Sheppard, the tireless creator of Stand4Thee in Canada, “The world isn't going to solve itself, so let's get serious about taking action!”

In this King Hero interview, we are going to look at jurisdiction and the legal authority of the municipalities. Can they really create laws and how can we hold folks accountable for violating our rights?

Going live at 2:30 PM CDT, October 26th. Join us at the links below!!

Read more on 15-Minute Cities on their site HERE: 

And because there are still so many fighting Canadian Quarantine tickets she has been diving into legislation to understand how the regulations were created, and what is happening in the courtroom.

We will also discuss if the RCMP investigation into the ArriveCan has any impact on outstanding charges and how in 2019 Budget and Implementation Act was changed in 2019 to remove the requirement to go through the house to create regulations. We will discuss the Contraventions Act; what is it, who has signed on and how is it being applied lawfully.

In addition to the most recent wins in court, we will talk about who can declare an emergency in Canada and if PHAC in fact can issue a Federal emergency. And the burning question we all south of the border are looking at, does the WHO have jurisdiction in Canada?

Finally, we’ll explore how to manage in the "bastard courts" that do not have inherent jurisdiction to hear rights issues.

Watch on RofkinFakebook, or Youtube below. 

Rebecca's bio:

Rebecca Sheppard started Stand4THEE in 2020 with two other co-founders. She has since branched off and has shaped Stand4THEE to what it is today through hard work, determination, and support from an incredible network. She works together with an incredible group of dedicated volunteers to create actions to disrupt status quo and create change. The philosophy of Stand4THEE is to use due process against those who are violating our rights, and we do this by participating in the process. Stand4THEE aims to provide information, support, and actions that each of us can participate in to hold individuals accountable for violating due process, and our rights. She brings to the table over 20 years project management from various industries and she applies these skills to everything she does under Stand4THEE.


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