Kyle Denton: The Golden Thread of Truth in the Natural World [King Hero Interview]


I first heard Kyle Denton, founder and proprietor of Tippecanoe Herbs, on Crrow777 and discovered he has a unique perspective on the plant kingdom, parasites, weeds, and other so-called “enemies” in the natural world.

I’m super stoked to host Kyle for this King Hero interview that goes live Monday, July 24 at 2 PM CDT when we’re going to talk about the “Golden Thread of Truth” in healing with medicinal herbs, the art of foraging, and what inspires him to go and stay on his Hero’s Journey. 

Live July 24, 2:00 PM CDT

Watch on Rokfin, YouTube, or Fakebook

Kyle Denton is a community herbalist and medicine maker from Wisconsin. With a deep appreciation for the virtues of nature and its healing properties, Kyle has dedicated his life to learning and harnessing the therapeutic potential of herbal medicine for the well-being of others.

As the founder and proprietor of Tippecanoe Herbs, Kyle Denton not only crafts and sells herbal remedies but also shares his wealth of knowledge with others as he runs Root Radical Herbal Academy, an herb school with in-person and online classes. Eating his weeds daily, Kyle embodies a holistic approach to healing, combining time-honoured modalities from Ayurveda and Traditional Western Herbalism with a variety of eclectic interests and a passion for following the “Golden Thread” of Truth. His love for nature extends beyond the classroom and clinic. He is an avid forager, seeking out the wild, and local plants that serve as the foundation for his medicine-making.

In the heartbeat of each day, Kyle first attends to his role as a father and husband. He approaches family life with the same dedication he brings to his professional pursuits, nurturing and supporting his loved ones through the power of plants and the gentle spirit of nature.

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