Rebecca Sheppard: In Winnipeg TODAY Calling a Tru-Deau Spade a Spade! [King Hero Interview]

Reb Shepp calling a Tru-deau spade a spade
I don't normally get involved in anything political, you may have noticed. But the folks at Stand 4 Thee have been tirelessly standing up for Canadian’s rights since 2020. They want at least 20% of the population to know how our crime minister broke the highest law of his office.

From the Stand4Thee website:

This renegade Prime Minister of Canada committed treason by illegally invoking the Emergencies Act (EA) against peaceful protesters. 

Here are the facts:

* The necessary evidence to invoke the Emergencies Act required by section 3 was not given. The Joint Committee on the Declaration of the Emergencies Act has attained sworn testimony the RCMP, OPP and OPS all found the protest peaceful and did not request to invoke the Emergencies Act. 
* Trudeau did not seek the necessary parliamentary consent to invoke the EA as required by section 17(1). 
* Section 20(1) of the Emergencies Act states that the Federal government cannot direct the police, even in an emergency.
* The rights of the peaceful protestors were severely violated contrary to the prohibition found in paragraph 3 of the EA. Their right to protection from arbitrary treatment by police was violated because for no reason, the protesters were beaten and their property damaged and confiscated and they were arrested without cause and many stayed in jail without reasonable bail. As well their right to free speech and assembly and association were violated.

Read the transcripts from the Special Joint Committee on the Emergencies Act here:


If you’re in Winnipeg join the event taking place TODAY May 16 at 2:00 PM CT outside City Hall and come and meet Rebecca Sheppard and the other good folks from Stand4Thee!!

Anywhere else in the country? Visit for all  the details of how to participate in the #TRUDEAU4TREASON trail campaign.

Watch live on Rokfin, YouTube or Fakebook.

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