RussianVids: The Origins of the Truth Movement [King Hero Interview]

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Join RV and myself to talk about some of the little know origins of what the truth community has come to know as ‘common knowledge’.

He has been a grandfather exposing the world lie systems, from politics and Hollywood, to the music industry; the many past media fabricated events such as S. Hook, the Boston B*mbing; racial psyops such as O.J. Simpson trial, the Rodney beating, and Trayvon Martin case; as well as many sports, Hollywood & music industry transgenders hidden in plain sight.

With RV having researched and covered NASA fakery for well a decade, exposing the biggest lie of the globe in 2015, we are also going to dive deep into the nuances of the FE movement.

Join us live on Wednesday April 12th at 5:00 PM CDT!


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