John-Logan Coots: The Private Domain and a Child's Genius Potential [King Hero Interview]


Join me for an interview of pioneer in private domain education, John-Logan of the Coots family, who is a private entrepreneur, philanthropist, spiritual mentor, and leader in health, fitness, empowerment, and education.

In this interview we will talk about how he took education for children into the private to create an environment of self-expression, natural exploration, and creative arts.

Live Friday December 9, 3 PM CST

About John-Logan:

Fifteen years ago, John-Logan co-founded Powerfit Personal Training, LLC and has recently turned it into a Private Member Association, which he learned how to do since the “plannedemic” when the city of Rohnert Park tried to shut him down for refusing to close during the ridiculous mandates.

With the knowledge acquired during the last two years of struggle from his decision to not close down and fight for his rights, he has learned how to operate Powerfit in the private domain and realized this same knowledge could protect families and their offspring from governmental overreach. He has now focused his efforts to create an educational sanctuary free from vaccinations and other public school dogma by co-founding Rock Rose Farm Education Center, a Private Membership Association. Rock Rose Farm is a charity to protect the medical freedom, rights and magic of childhood, inspired by the very best pioneers in the history of education.

For a decade of his youth, John-Logan attended Waldorf School in Emeryville, California where he was profoundly influenced by the attention to beauty, goodness and truth, which ignited his imagination and creativity within a nature-based curriculum. The holistic environment fostered and nurtured unique education that supported each student to reach their highest potential. Self-expression, natural exploration, and creative arts are integrated into all academic disciplines. During these years, John-Logan’s mind, spirit and soul have been stimulated and his passion for lifelong learning was deeply cultivated.

At an early age John-Logan was diagnosed with being dyslexic, a challenging language-based learning disability. Despite this diagnosis, he believes that living with dyslexia has been a blessing-in-disguise as he has had the opportunity to see life from new perspectives and has been able to discover his true gift of heightened kinesthetics intelligence, and now lives to help others experience the brilliance of their own body and mind. John-Logan is motivated to help others on his life journey, discover and tap into their own unique power, potential and inner gifts.

John-Logan has always been determined to succeed in new and innovative ways through his proactive commitment to being a lifelong learner. He now believes all people should learn to become autodidactic or self-taught learners. John-Logan is hopeful that his unique way of seeing and interacting with the world in order to adapt and excel, inspires other people with similar challenges. John-Logan believes that all people are, by nature, free, uniquely brilliant and have God-given gifts and talents. He is dedicated to inspiring others to learn about, develop and access their own potential to create a healthy livelihood rooted in empowerment and lifelong learning.

Find his nature based education center, Rock Rose Farm at:


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