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Do the business of law right, STOP volunteering, and get your freedom back. 

Join a King Hero interview with the creator of, T.J. Marrs at 3 PM CDT, Friday March 25th!

Over the past 25 + years T.J. Marrs has has helped 100’s of individuals in handling their own legal matters, and participated and coached on over 300 real estate transactions combined as a licensed Real Estate Agent, Oregon & Washington licensed Mortgage Broker & Mortgage Banker, and real estate investor, and information creator.
He has also held professional certifications in securities, insurance, certified in Jurisdictionary; a self-help law training course. He has consulted and taught many attorneys his alternative approaches, and was a decorated U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer during the Iran-Iraq War and Cold -War periods. 
T. J. has authored two books and multiple courses on real estate investing, finance, asset protection information marketing, and e-commerce. He has also contributed to the book “The Idiots Guide to Foreclosure Investing” and wrote “Foreclosure Profit Machine”, which was one of the few books that predicted the real estate crash and market slump, which began in 2008.  He has served 3 terms as Chairman of Northwest Real Estate Investors Association, one of the most successful associations in the country. T.J. has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, CNBC’s Power Lunch, and appeared on dozens of radio programs nationwide.

Over the past 10 years T.J. has developed a Ministry on how to avoid becoming a victim of the “for profit” legal system, while also preserving your God given rights. Not by fighting the system, but by knowing how to do the business the right way, within the system so YOU are in control. T.J. is a 20+ year legal researcher and not a BAR member bound attorney, who reveals practical ways you can control your own legal matters without a lawyer. Why this approach? Because most lawyers' first allegiance is to protect the system.   
The worldwide government system that is being imposed on us is voluntary by design, so T.J. says "don’t volunteer". The courts and 3 million statutes are the way they trick us into fear of challenging their “tyranny by statute” plan...this has to stop.
T.J. now spends his time dedicated to his family, speaking internationally, and teaching online, and helping his students and members succeed in their lives by freeing themselves from “Voluntary Tyranny and Contract Slavery”.  TJ believes in the motto: Teach Man To Fish, vs give a man a fish - which are simple, proven, and biblically sourced techniques.
We perish for our lack of knowledge and for volunteering. Learn how to STOP volunteering and get your freedom back. 

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About Beth Martens

For business coach, archetype reader, author and coach trainer, Beth Martens, her calling is a life or death thing. After a decade as a corporate VP in her family’s firm, 8 trips182632561_4805913829426998_608147959438377533_n to India, and a 3-year battle with cancer 20 years ago, she used archetypes to save her life.

Today she helps truth lovers find their sacred purpose, be valued for their life’s work, and survive the ordeals of their Hero's Journey. As recovering feminist, she is passionate about hosting the King Hero's Journey podcast highlighting leaders, entrepreneurs, movement makers, and purveyors of the truth. 

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I think this is called adhesion, Your acts of obedience create their jurisdiction over you.

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You got the right guy on today, his philosophy and technique with his understanding is the way that I proved things to be. Its bang on and nice to see the simplicity of this concept presented in such a clear fashion.

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Beth Martens Staff

Thank you Jim, I agree wholeheartedly!Beth Martensbeth@bethmartens.comwww.bethmartens.com—— On Fri, 25 Mar 2022 15:31:06 0500 King Hero Zone<> wrote -

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The Business of Law – T.J. Marrs [King Hero Interview] There’s a new comment on The Business of Law – T.J. Marrs [King Hero Interview] over at King Hero Zone You got the right guy on today, his philosophy and technique with his understanding is the way that I proved things to be. Its bang on and nice to see the simplicity of this concept presented in such a clear fashion. Posted by Jim Sippi  

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