Cal Washington and Alphonse Faggiolo: When Kings Collaborate [King Hero Interview]

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In my two years of study of legal and lawful corruption and looking for ways to navigate it in these crucial times, Cal Washington, co-creator of InPower Movement, and Alphonse Faggiolo, champion in helping people use court procedure, have been 'go to' King Heroes with vast knowledge and lived experience for us to draw upon.

They hold what appears to be opposing view points when it comes to the birth certificate and strawman fiction that is said to bind us in the public arena. The purpose of this livestream conversation between them is to see where are the differences, and the points of potential connection and collaboration that I personally am hoping will be creatively birthed.

Join us live on February 23rd at 3:00 PM CST for this exciting meeting of great minds and hearts!

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For business coach, archetype reader, author and coach trainer, Beth Martens, her calling is a life or death thing. After a decade as a corporate VP in her family’s firm, 8 trips182632561_4805913829426998_608147959438377533_n to India, and a 3-year battle with cancer 20 years ago, she used archetypes to save her life.

Today she helps truth lovers find their sacred purpose, be valued for their life’s work, and survive the ordeals of their Hero's Journey. As recovering feminist, she is passionate about hosting the King Hero's Journey podcast highlighting leaders, entrepreneurs, movement makers, and purveyors of the truth. 

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I wish Alphonse would learn to be civil. i.e, stop interrupting and actually try to listen to someone else's opinion, the trouble is he is ignorant, not dumb, he just doesn't know other knowledge and thus he concludes he is right and you are wrong. Alphonse doesn't understand Trust Law, i.e. an Owner only has use & possession (Beneficial interest) of the asset, ownership is (controlling interest) The STATE has ownership of your car because they mandate insurance registration, and plates, you don't decide that because you only have Use & possession of the vehicle, if Alphonse was right you wouldn't legally have to pay for registration, insurance or plates, drive without those mandates and see what happens to you, they (The STATE ) will tow it away and sell it.

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Hey KL, good to see you here. So... how does one obtain the status of ownership over one's property? 

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Beth Martens

Hello KL, sorry I missed your comment earlier. Would you be willing to come on the King Hero's Journey to talk about it? I'm assuming you're the KL I've followed on Crrow? You can message me beth at if you'd like to talk about it. :-) 

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