Shade Stone: Where Law and Love Collide [King Hero Interview]

Shade Stone KH Interview

Join us Friday at 1:30 PM, CST to speak with Canadian champion in law, Shade Stone, to talk about why the Canadian Charter is useless for legal and lawful documents, and how to use the Canadian Bill of Rights instead.

We will talk about practical ways to navigate the situations people find themselves in, and the powerful Christian faith he upholds as the basis for the freedom fight.

About Shade:

Shade Stone is a Christian Canadian Musician that departed from the secular music scene in 2015 to pursue a life of Biblical Principles after recognizing that Canada as a Nation was going in a dark direction.  Not desiring to continue on the same path as the Country he resides in, he began growing in his faith and studying the Holy Bible.  Eventually, the current 'controversy' moved Shade to learn and create a video that went viral about the True Laws of Canada which were being broken.  When he learned that the 'Charter' would not defend its Citizens, he then discerned that the Holy Bible communicated clearly that nefarious laws, corrupt leaders, and unjust courtrooms is a sign of a Nation under judgement.   He is now a member of Stand4thee and calling Canada to what the Bible would call 'repentance' with the hope that this Country will be reformed and become a Christian Nation again.

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