Edward Jay Robin - Understanding God's Law [King Hero Interview]

Edward Jay Robin King Hero Interview

Join Edward Jay Robin and I, on Friday, October 22 at 3pm CDT, to talk about Undersatnding God's Law.

"I am a 69 year old hippy artist living on the land near Edmonton Alberta. I have a penchant for history law and scripture with a keen eye for fraud and historical manipulation. I have two grown girls with two grandchildren, and for 30 years, have actively defended their future by promoting facts that will defend us all!! Agreements topple arguments every time!!"

Follow Edward on his Website Here: https://www.allcreatorsgifts.org

Or His You Tube Channel Here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Owlmon

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Edward Jay Robin

I want to thank Beth for her commitment to offering folks living alternatives to the fear-mongering world. We are all faced with the reality of discovering a solution to this medpharm tyranny or getting used to being ever forced upon participant in a worldwide de-selection program of becoming mandatory lemmings,,,,

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