Giving Notice - Delegate Talks for the LRSD Special Meeting August 24, 2021 Recording

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Community delegate talks at the August 24, 2021 LRSD School Board meeting by Joy Onyschak, Beth Martens, and Natalie Reimer Anderson.

Please help us go viral with this. The LRSD refused us a copy of the recording (which is why the quality of this screen recording sucks).

A few points to note:
-they pushed up the meeting, vote and talks by 14 days
-they last minute pulled in a doctor for credibility
-the board voted after the doctor spoke, but before we did
-there were 300 parents in attendance
-all of our mics and cameras were muted for us, as well as the chat, so that public opinion could not be seen or heard
-despite the suppression, supporting community came out of the wood work to chime in with their concerns

What can you do in Manitoba?

Join the Manitoba Law and Action Group at this link (serious action takers only please):

Find Joy Onyschak:

Find Natalie Reimer Anderson:

Huge and special thanks to Karen B FE for putting this video together and fixing what could be fixed.


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