Lena Pu - Sovereign Theory in Action [King Hero Interview]

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Join Founder of Lena's Fabulous Frequencies and I, on Wednesday at 5:00pm CDT for this King Hero Interview, where we will be talking about what Sovereign Theory in Action really means.

Lena has made numerous breakthroughs in stopping the weaponized commercial system of 5G rollouts and temperature guns, and has led an international group of brave warriors bringing down the NIH, FCC, FDA, CDC, and WHO leaders with NOL's against all wireless, Internet of Things, Internet of Bodies, Vaccines, and Vaccine Passports.

She is an "environmental science researcher and citizen journalist, investigates the science of natural versus manmade frequencies, earth sciences, geopolitical influences, human lifestyle and wellness. A strong believer of conducting primary research and study in order to fully understand the subjects of interest, she applies the scientific method in her approach in all fields of research dissecting and constructing theories, fact finding, developing solutions and answers to everyday problems and those hidden from sight. Lena brings a unique synthesis the deep web of politics, science, legal, technology and history, but more importantly, finding and offering solutions to help elevate humanity above the contrived matrix."

Follow Her Here: https://www.lenasfabulousfrequencies.com

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