Chris Rice: Independent Journalism, Truth, Law, Spirituality, and the Grand Fiction


Join a livestream with Chris Rice, the host of Rice TVx who has hosted a number of the heavy-hitters in the lawful movement that is growing rapidly as people look for remedy for the crimes being committed against the people - now more than ever.

On this interview we're going to talk about what it's like to be an alternative journalist, what led him to explore the law world, how spirituality is a major ingredient in successfully taking a stand, and preview his bonus appearance on the Choose Freedom Law Summit that is available for free on this last day before it goes live on a donation basis.

Chris Rice, Independent Journalist - Bio

I like to think of myself as an extraterrestrial imitating the behavior of a human being. But in reality, I am a content creator, journalist/researcher, and freedom advocate that is actively being the change I want to see in the world with #PracticeChange. All of my work is dedicated to making a positive impact. 
I am the founder of Rice Media Group, as well as the host of Rice TVx and Rice Radio. As a content creator, I utilize my voice to spread awareness regarding freedom-related topics/subjects & solutions, law & legal fiction, cryptocurrency &  blockchain technologies, economics, politics, history, voluntaryism, and more.
The mediums I use to express myself are videos, audio podcasts, interviews, and public speaking with the goals to help educate, empower, and encourage others to be the change as well. 
Practice Change is at the core of everything that I do. It is a philosophy of positive self-development. Where we learn from all of our experiences (good or bad, positive or negative), evaluate them on a daily or regular basis, and practice everyday to be a better version of who we are.  I have love for everyone and truly want to help make a difference in the World.   I believe that every day we have the opportunity, as individuals, to make substantial impacts in ways that are true to us — no matter how big or small, we all have a voice.  Each voice multiplied can create real change operating as consciousness to open people’s eyes to what is possible.  
"When enough people take a stand, nothing can stand against the people"  -Chris Rice

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