Mark Pytellek: Claim Back Your Freedoms [King Hero Interview]

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Join this King Hero's Journey podcast Thursday at 7 PM CDT, with Mark Pytellek who is a 1st generation Australian of German parents who immigrated to Australia in 1960 to escape the communist dictatorship in former East Germany, in the hope of achieving a free and prosperous life in free & prosperous democratic Australia.

Mark grew up in country Victoria, loving the rural country side, life and the freedoms then prevalent in Australia. His love of rural Australia drove him to complete a Bachelor in Agricultural Science at La Trobe University, Melbourne in 1985, before beginning a 15 career in marketing & sales, instead of Agriculture, by reason he'd personally witnesses the collapse of the Australian Agricultural (& subsequently all other) industry while attending University. The collapse left no opportunity to enter the Agricultural Industry in Australia. 
In 1991 Mark moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland, where he established and ran a convenience - corner store at Nerang.

Following that business, Mark began a career by accident in the problem solving industry, a natural flare and skill in settling matters between adversaries through predominantly private negotiations. For 22 years now Mark spent almost every waking hour assisting fellow Australians in dire need of help, consistently working 80 - 100 hours or more per week, often voluntarily, in saving client’s homes, businesses, other assets and even their sanity and life.

More recently Mark founded a website,, in an effort to leverage his time, knowledge, experience & successful processes & outcomes and permit him some time out to enjoy life, even dream of a holiday. Its purpose is to lead and transition people from the public to the private realm for their best protection.

It became even more apparent to Mark that the only way to restore Australia and Australians to its/their former prosperity, integrity, upright moral standing, freedoms, glory and ranking as the number 1 standard of living country on earth in 1960, was to roll up the sleeves and take personal action, encourage and lead Australians to take action to reclaim and restore Australia to the country of freedom and prosperity enjoyed by everyone in the 1960's and 1970's.

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