Putting Knowledge and Limits to the Fire Test - With Matthew Belair


Matthew Belair is a bright light who constantly finds his own edge. A prolific podcaster and teacher of his people, Matt and I talked about how growing up a martial artist was Matt's path to understanding how to train and put himself to the test.

He traveled to 30 countries, sought out the masters, and learned the skills to become empowered so he could share it with other people.

"The short cuts look like showing up and doing the work."

We talked about how clarity of values, curiosity, and showing up gives you direction and the way to how you know you're on track.

He believes in truth over politicians and the sides of the factions that are enacting their Luciferian binding and violence on in the world. 

Check it out! 

Discover more about Matt Belair's work at his website www.mattbelair.com

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