Farm Kids Do What They Want - The King Hero's Journey of Benjamin Balderson


Millionaire entrepreneur returned to the land after he saw that success was a unicorn he was chasing after.

After he started getting seizures, and using cannabis as a cure, he got caught and sent to prison for 4 years.

Find out why Benjamin spent 2 years locked in a solitary cell, went crazy, came back from there many times.

When he got out, flatted his prison number and walked out, he was a free man — raw, clean and new.

“I used to blame others for my life and by the end of it, none of that mattered.”

We talked about how gold became more valuable than a man’s life, and how gold is the one thing you can hoard without taking on any added responsibility.

And in this world, if you have a big enough pot of gold you can rape children and kill people.

“If it wasn’t for women men would still be cave men.”

Discover an Alchemist’s take on the Adam and Eve story who says it means that we are higher beings who’ve taken a challenge to be something more.

What to do?

The freedom we had a month ago will never return without a complete breakdown of the government.
Now that supply chains are broken, the first thing is to ask, “what do I really need? What level of life am I ready to live at?”

Benjamin recommends to take responsibility for your food. Provide for yourself in your own home. Build your supply chain up locally.

You Can’t Scrub The Rebel Gene

The Milgram experiment proved that people will do something they know is morally corrupt because authority told them to do it.

They believed they could breed that gene out of humans that can go against authority to do the morally right thing. They were wrong.

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