Find Out How Entrepreneur, Creator of SeaPods and Survivor of a Rare Disease, Grant Romundt Faced His Death, Chose Life, and Lives on the Ocean


Grant Romundt was an entrepreneur by the age of 6.

He never had an all-nighter at school, but as soon as he was passionate in his own business he did 10 - 15 years of all-nighters because it feeds him so much.

Grant recommends to find out what you don’t like so you are motivated to do what you do, to work hard, and do thing you like.

When Tony Robbins gave him a call and he realized he had learned to manifest.

Find out how he demystifies the process of manifestation, taking it back from the New Age.

Grant handles the stress of leadership by having a balance of male and female energy.

How he has the Masculine, push through make things happen energy and the step back, pause, feel things and receive with the Feminine. Listening, observing, doing things from my heart instead of just my mind.

He empowers the people who with a work for him, so as a leader he is making more leaders. He finds the people who would do it for no pay and then pays them well. If they wouldn’t do it for free, then it’s not the best fit.

He was diagnosed with a disease only 6 out of 100,000 get.

Learn how he consciously chose to live, and turned his illness into one of the biggest gifts he ever had.

For Grant, making a difference in the world makes it worth it for him to go through the hardship of starting something now.

And a sustainable, ecological life on the ocean is a major passion for him. He has a magical lifestyle that he wants for everyone.

Grant says, “Don’t listen to news, don’t know what’s going on the world, focus on manifesting what you want to create in the world rather than listening to someone else’s agenda for you.”

His advice...

“Be self-referential, focus on what you want to manifest. Start your day focussing on what is important to you, know your goals. Remind yourself every day first thing in the morning, what you value and want big picture.”

“Focus on what you’re grateful for, and really feel it.”


Grant has been an entrepreneur since the age of 6 and he was the first in Canada to write a software program for school science fairs at the age of 8 in 1980.

He is an early adopter and innovator of new technology. He had one of the most advanced mobile paperless offices in Canada in 1995. He lived in a tech “frat-house” in San Francisco with one of the 6 co-founders of PayPal.

He owns several businesses specializing in software development, video production, education, sales, and training. His customers include billion-dollar multinational companies like Wella Professionals, OPI, Clairol, Nioxin, Sebastian, and many others.

For the past four years, he has been living in a floating home and is now building a manufacturing facility to mass-produce futuristic oceanic floating homes. He is leading OceanBuilders to revolutionize living on the sea with affordable 3D printed eco-restorative floating smart-homes.

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