Put On The Full Armour of God For The C0r0na Apocalypse With PressForTruth King Hero, Dan Dicks


In this episode during the historic times of Covid19 and the market crash of the century find out how Dan Dicks created what people need more than ever before, a Truth channel.

He created his PressForTruth podcast by his own action and courage. He dove in head first, without going to journalism school because he was passionate about exposing lies.

We talked about why it’s better to make the effort to correct your mistakes, especially with a public forum.

Spiritual Warfare

Because we are in a spiritual war, facing a potentially greater depression than than the 1930’s, Dan uses his work to bring people back to the relationship with their Creator.

As a child actor he got a hundred credits between age of 4 and 10 which got him out in front of audiences and comfortable being seen and heard, so he could spread his spiritual message and be a Warrior for his faith.

How To Carry On When You’re Not Getting the Recognition

Had he crumbled in the building stage and quit none of this substantial contribution would be happening today. “I remained consistent and persistent through tough time, even though at the beginning no one was listening.”

Dan stays committed to his work by keeping the balance with family life.

Find out how he faced the fear of failing his purpose and was victorious in bringing his message to his audience.

It Is Crunch Time

We are in unprecedented historic times. And while, “Everything is going global,” he says, “it’s time to put on the full armour of God.”

Dan predicts that down the line we’re going to talk about a pre-covid and post-covid world, and see how people’s rights were stripped away in the aftermath.

He calls it a “…heavy handed response of the powers that ought not to be, who want to gain more control over the population and seize on these opportunities.”

The Market Crash…of the Century?

Looks like it.

The good part, Dan says, about the bloodbath of the financial crash, is that the money hasn’t disappeared it has just moved around.

There is a lot of money to be made in a crash, you just have to NOT PANIC, be empowered, and make smart decisions.

Societal Crash

We talked about how our children are being raised by other children in institutions, and the why the destruction of the family unit means you can manipulate and control everyone.

Dan is calling to get back to more traditional values that are the true heart and soul of a living, feeling human.

For a year and a half he has covered the story of the father who’s daughter was victimized in the SOGI123 program on sexual orientation gender identification, kindergarten to grade 12. in BC - by an activist doctor, and an activist judge. 

Hear the story of how the courts set a shocking precedent and took the side of the young girl against the parent and are using the 13 year old as a pawn by trans and LGBTQ activists.

His Message for King Heroes in the Making

Dive in and get involved.

Don’t worry how it’s going to turn out.

Just start doing it without the fear of failure.

And my favourite take-away, “Nothing bad can come out of doing the right thing.”

Tune in with PressForTruth, excellent alternative media stories and sustaining faith you need to hear in these times especially.

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