Miguel Conner, A Voice for the Vilified - King Hero's Journey Podcast Interview


Miguel Conner, author, storyteller and host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio has been is a voice for the Gnostic world view that’s been vilified for centuries.

A culture of Gnosticism lives under the dark shadowy beings that don’t have our best interest.

Miguel is a professional story teller in the form of novels, non-fiction books and even marketing. But of all of his many achievements he’s most proud of raising 5 children to bring about a better world.

He says we must create better than the creator gods and their butt slaves in the establishment that keep us from finding our true selves.

His philosophy of life is, follow your bliss and doors will open, though they may not be the doors you expect to open.

The Mind is a Great Servant, But a Horrible Master

Miguel credits the slow burn of pain, solitude and loneliness for fuelling his creative and leadership life. He was the kid who didn’t belong, and got into trouble at school, which was a prison for individuality and passion.

Growing up he sought different doors of perception — wrong crowds, drugs, different religions, read a lot, spiritual and psyche techniques. He found the Gnostic view of life was a better view.

He says he didn’t find the ultimate answers, just more choices. And because life is such a hard labyrinth, the more paths the better.

What is Gnosticism?alessio-fiorentino-MiNq1Mjikfw-unsplash.jpg

Older than 2000 years, the spiritual philosophy of Gnosticism says we are fragments of the Divine Mind. We’re not aware of this because we have been cast down in a manufactured world created to trap the Divine parts of ourselves.

In this interview we talked about the call of a Higher Being, reminding us we are part of a more vast consciousness than our own.

Gnostic spirituality provides the means to deal with social issues on a daily basis, and taps the intuitive knowledge of self. Once you know self, you know God.

Gnostics know the soul because of the practices of internal journeying into the giant mind, the Mind of God.

The Meaning of Enlightenment

Miguel says that enlightenment means to be useful - to one’s self, family, job, and animals. People have lost this because they are programmed, traumatized and have lost their ways to be useful to themselves and the world.

Dialogue With the Psyche

Miguel shows how difficult it is to journey to wholeness. How are you supposed to go against the mind? How does a drug addict go against addiction? How do you stop being you?

He says it’s through archetypes and symbols that you can dialogue with the psyche that’s been through the traumas, manipulations, and lies. Dialogue brings out the shadow (everything you do not wish to be, positive and negative), the shadow becomes integrated, and you become useful to the world.

Each one’s psyche has all the answers. Traumas can be used to one’s benefit. Go inward, understand self and there will be so many answers.

He boldly proclaims, "An unexamined mind will go crazy, become a trickster god in a hall of mirrors. You have to master it by dialoguing with it and integrating its shadow."

Waking Up is Only Half the Battle

Each one needs to go on the Hero’s Journey, "...including a lot of apologizing and slaying of demons."

There’s freedom in helping others and as the Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy says, victory comes from surrendering.

Miguel promises you are going to fall down on the path because, “The whole universe is the mind of a god, or a demented person.”


You have to be honest with yourself. You have to ask for help, and find a mentor, because we are programmed to have blindspots. Ask the ancestors who have been through everything, they can help us out one way or another.

Miguel cites the old adage, “If there’s a problem it can be solved. If it can’t be solved just call it reality.”


Initiation for men is sadly lacking. It’s causing pain in the psyche of men in the west. Alcoholism rates, suicide rates, opiate addiction rates are sky-rocketing.

It’s the initiation of the Hero’s Journey that teaches you to be an adult, whole.



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