Who's Thinking Are You Thinking - King Hero's Journey Podcast with Frank Sell

Frank-isms To Live By

I had the pleasure of interviewing entrepreneur and coach to men finding their way, Frank Sell.

He dropped a lot of truth in this time we had together. Here are the highlight quotes below.

I've owned my own job for 20 years.

I made a conscious choice to be in control of my destiny.

Stop bitching and do something.

Beat the streets so hard he made potholes.

Children are reflections of the garbage we didn’t fix.

Nothing in nature exists in a vacuum.

Call on mentors that have the results you want in life.

Let go of blaming and take responsibility.

Who’s thinking are you thinking? 

God honours commitment.

God’s plan is to provide us with the circumstances to find our way back to God.

What kind of man do I need to be in order grow into God’s plan?

What do I not know about myself? What’s my blindspot so I can hear God’s voice.

Purpose is in the pattern.

Everything we need to know we just need to connect the male female divine and God inside of us. - allowing the flow… Positive and negative, must be continuity between the two must be there. Like a car battery.

Save yourself first - equip yourself as a parent, get wisdom, and learn how to apply it.

Meek is the ability to withstand hardships - makes them strong. Makes you a Warrior with a purpose.



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