When the Alchemist Calls the King - Interview with Alchemy Expert, Phoenix Aurelius


Phoenix Aurelius is a professional spagyrist, practical alchemist and research academy leader.

Alchemy vs. Pharmaceutical Medicine

In this very in-depth interview we talked about how pharmaceutical medicine differs from natural and alchemical medicine, and how the ancient art of alchemy, inspired by the work of Paracelsus, is based on the five root causes of disease.

According to Phoenix archetypes as I use them are part of practical alchemy and exist in the astral plane.

conjunction-spiritual-alchemy-min.jpgPain is Gold

He talks about why pain is the gold and how it’s possible to free the astral energy that comes from pain and trauma in order to become integrated and in cooperation with the volition of the soul.

Fate and Fortune

Hear the story of how fate and fortune led him to this work and the history of when alchemy split off into chemistry when the chemical revolution happened.

The Meaning of Occult

We talked about how alchemy became associated with the occult and that it’s considered hidden knowledge because it takes a lot of effort to find, not because secrets are being kept.

He describes how putting yourself in a state where you’ve already attained what you desire is how you manifest.

His Advice

Be accountable for all the aspects you are and how with your will you can benefit or obstruct the will of others. He says suffering is stopping everyone from achieving their highest purpose.

Ask yourself, “What am I helping? What am I hurting? What is the path of the greatest good?”

Alchemy is about assimilating the negative and positive for the greatest good. 

How Phoenix Survived a Brain Aneurism Using Alchemy Principles, Practices and Remedies

Learn how Phoenix survived a stress-induced brain aneurism without drugs or surgery. And how he used deliberation and conscious decision to solve his dire situation.


He recommends knowing if you sacrifice for a good reason, or for no reason and that when there’s no benefit to a sacrifice it’s meaningless.

masculine-feminine.jpgThe Masculine and Feminine Archetypes

Masculine and feminine aspects used to create volitization of the soul and that the relationship between them is highly excitable because of the magnetic spectrum.

LIFE comes from LIFE and LIFE comes from DEATH.

More complex = less stable.

He describes how to generate power from the Masculine and Feminine by introducing the mercurial split (a distance between poles that begets energy, and even electricity, for example).

Gender Confusion

Phoenix shows how chemical and electronic interference and atrazine in water supply turns males into females, and how its use as pesticide crop dusted over clear cut forest leaches into aquifers. He says areas where there are the most  concentrated LGBTQ peoples are where logging has been most prevalent.

The Catholic Church made beer from hops to make monks docile, giving them a big belly and man boobs.

Healing = Integration

For healing anything he recommends integration over blame through which huge changes can be made. The less integration an individual has the more aggressive they become because they are taking on more of the Masculine energy they are fighting against. Understanding and integrating is the cure.

The Feminist Movement

Phoenix says men have insurmountable pressures put on them, creating self-destructive coping. Until the Feminine disentangles from the Masculine it will perpetuate the men’s cycle of abuse.

And the repression of women, and their equally insurmountable pressure to perform has prevented them from doing what they want. Their Masculine needs to assimilate that, integrate that.

If people want to do better, they will do better.

We finished up with a tour of his alchemy lab!

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