Turning the Pain of Responsibility into a Gift - Interview with Neil Auricchio

June 2019-70

“If I have a gift I have a responsibility to use that gift to help others.” - Neil Auricchio

Neil has the guts to ask for and expect success.

Today he is the owner of a venture capital company, multiple properties in multiple states, who also funds or backs other people’s businesses that want to expand for this King Hero’s Journey podcast episode.

He knew from that young age that he wanted to make people happy. Watching movies and listening to songs as a boy helped him raise his standard and set sights for his future.

In this interview we talked about how Neil handles the pain of responsibility - by seeing it as a pleasure, not a pain.

He says that no matter how much hardship he goes through, he practices gratitude, even for paying a bill.

Neil suffered a rare life threatening cancer that feeds on fear. Find out what he means when he says he decided he wasn’t going to die twice. He says that getting cancer was like getting shot at.

Find out how he cleared his mind so he could react in an empowered way.

He said that by helping people in his hardest times it kept him out of his own cess pool.

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Reach Neil at neil.auricchio.com

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